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Young Sporting Sensation!

This week in our series on young sporting talent we speak to Joseph Oluwabusola about the world of Football and what the future holds for him* 

* (interview held pre-lockdown)

What team are you in?
Nigeria U17 National Team.

Does school play a role in your sporting career path?
Yes, Winchester College has been very supportive. My Strength and Conditioning programme is facilitated and carried out within school, as well as other specialist training such as agility and reaction skills.

How do you combine your studies with training?
I often train in the evenings during the week and am allocated catch-up sessions with my teachers in order to ensure that I don’t fall behind.

Where do you train and who is your coach?
In my club, at school and with my international squad. My coaches vary.

How do you manage pre-match nerves?
I relax by listening to music, reading or by taking a nap. I avoid screens, eliminate pressure, the crowd or anything that could make me nervous.

How do you deal with defeat and with victory?
I try to keep a constant level of emotion regardless of each result. I don’t get too excited when I win, I try to see where I can do better. I don’t get too distraught when I lose, I try to see where I could have done better.

What do you hope to achieve this year?
To join a new club that can partner with my College so that my education is seamlessly linked with my sport.

What advice can you give to others wanting to excel within the world of sport?
Many obstacles lie on the path to success for an aspiring athlete. The only way to reach your goal is to overcome each one through hard work and perseverance.

What one thing have you learnt along the way?
I’ve learnt that you don’t always have to fit the mould. Just because not many people or nobody has done what you’re doing doesn’t mean that you can’t.

Are your parents involved and if so how?
Massively. They support wherever I go and constantly motivate me.

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