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Young Sporting Sensation!

This week in our series on young sporting talent we speak to Chartie Curtis about the world of Netball and what the future holds for her.


Which team are you in?
I play for England U21, Surrey Storm Superleague and Weston Park Blades.

Did school play a role in your sporting career path?
It’s pretty challenging. I’m currently on a placement year from Uni so I’m working full time as well as playing netball. My main goal is to be organised and to try and fit everything in.

Where do you train and who is your coach?
I train in Bath at Uni and at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford otherwise. My week includes a couple of court sessions, weights, conditioning and match play. My coached are Mikki Austin and Jan Crabtree.

How do you manage pre-match nerves?
I used to get so nervous before games! I know when I am enjoying myself I become less nervous and ultimately play better. Talking to my team mates distracts me as does good music!

How do you deal with defeat and with victory?
I take it to heart quite a lot. We put so much time and energy into a certain outcome so the emotions are strong. I try not to dwell on it.

What do you hope to achieve in 2020?
I ruptured my ACL in 2019 so my aim is to be back on court and loving playing netball again!

What advice can you give to others wanting to excel within the world of sport?
Do it if you love it. To compete at a high level in any sport means there are a lot of things you have to sacrifice along the way but it’s worth it.

What one thing have you learnt along the way?
The people around you are everything – some of my best friends have been made through playing sport. You go through massive highs and lows with your team mates and they really are your support network.

Are your parents involved and if so how?
When I was younger they helped with the practicalities. Now I rely on them massively for the emotional support and decision making.

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