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Young Sporting Sensation!

This week in our series on young sporting talent we speak to Emerson Proctor about the world of skiing and what the future holds for him.

What is your sport and why did you choose it?
My sport is skiing. In a way I didn’t really choose it, I grew up doing it and just enjoyed it.

Which team are you in?
I am with Apex 2100 Academy in Tignes, France an international ski academy. I have also been selected for the Children’s GB ski team and I’ve just raced in Andorra for my country.

At what age did you start?
I first started the sport when I was two and I spent the whole season skiing when I was three. I joined my first club and started racing when I was seven so this is when I had my first real experience of a race.

Does school play a role in your sporting career path?
Yes my school plays a massive role because they provide me with all of my school work whilst I am away. They also support me by letting me have time off school to go away and train.

How do you combine school work with training?
I have a very structured day whilst I am out in France. In the morning I ski and train. Then in the afternoon I do school work and fitness.

Where do you train and who is your coach?
I train in Tignes and my coach is Alex Vitanov.

How do you manage pre-race nerves?
I juggle and do breathing exercises. I find both these things help to take my mind off and race and relax.

How do you deal with defeat and with victory?
I am great believer in learning from mistakes. To me it is not always about medals but it is also about how you feel you’ve done and how you can improve.

Do you have a sponsor?
I have an indirect sponsorship with Rossignol as they sponsor my team. Also Sir Clive Woodward (Director of Sport at Apex 2100) who brings in nutritionists and sleep experts.

What advice can you give to others wanting to excel within the world of sport?
You have to work hard with everything. Not just your sport but your school work, your physical strength and always keep a positive mind.

What one thing have you learnt along the way?
To balance school work with my sport and work hard at both of them.

Are your parents involved and if so how?
They pay the money for me to ski and they watch me at every race even when it is -20℃!

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