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You’ll NEVER guess what?

Wanting to WOW your kids over the supper table?  We’ve rounded up some sensational sports facts for you to casually drop into conversation!

The very first Olympic race held in 776 BC was won by a chef

Harry Potter’s Quidditch is played by over 20,000 people worldwide. Although, flying has been replaced by running with broomsticks!

Golf balls were originally made from dried cow eyeballs

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel wears lucky coins in his racing boots

The World Tin Bath Championship takes place every year in The Isle of Man. The winner is whoever covers the furthest distance still afloat!

In Bowling, hitting three strikes in a row is called a Turkey

Cristiano Ronaldo is the riches football player in the world worth $450m

Kite flying is a professional sport in Thailand

About 42,000 tennis balls used in the 650 matches in the Wimbledon Championship

Football players run as far as 9.5 miles (15km) in a single match

Air Mag Back To The Future BTTF by Nike are the world’s most expensive trainers worth £19,715 a pair!

Tug of war was an Olympic event between 1900 – 1920

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport. Cave paintings depicting wrestlers in Lascaux, France, date back to 15,300 years ago

Fishing is the biggest participant sport in the world

The word ‘gymnastics’ comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘gymno’ meaning ‘place to be naked’ as that is how the athletes performed!

And finally… Olympic gold medals haven’t been made from solid gold since 1912 – they are mainly silver! (93%)



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