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You’ll NEVER guess what?!

So you think you know it all?! Calling all foodie fanatics – test your gastronomic expertise here…


Dark chocolate is healthier than fruit juice


According to tradition, you should eat one mince pie on each of the 12 days of Christmas to bring good luck


Apples belong to the ROSE family as do pears and plums


The longest string of liquorice ever measured 244 metres


In 2015, Cherry Yoshitake managed to eat 71 baked beans in a minute -picked out of a bowl with a pair of chopsticks


Chewing COFFEE BEANS gets rid of BAD BREATH


The humble banana shares up to 60% of its DNA with humans


Velociraptors were roughly the same size as a large TURKEY


957 – the typical number of calories in the average Christmas dinner


A quarter of the world’s HAZELNUTS are used for NUTELLA



Putting tangerines in Christmas stockings comes from 12th century French nuns who left socks of fruit and nuts at houses of the poor


You can hear rhubarb grow


The most STOLEN food in the world is CHEESE


The UK consumes on average 7 litres of ice cream per person per year. That’s 14 tubs!



In Japan, eel and squid are popular PIZZA TOPPINGS


Cranberries are commonly referred to as ‘bounce berries’ because they bounce when they’re ripe



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