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Why you shouldn’t wait to get health insurance for your family

Now is the time to speak to a human being about your insurance needs. In these ever-uncertain times certainty is a speck of gold dust in an otherwise chaotic cauldron. The pandemic taught us many vital lessons, but the best lesson of all is…don’t wait. Life is short and waiting lists for medical treatment are getting ever longer. Consider Towergate for personal service, surprisingly good value and, most of all, peace of mind.

Why should you trust Towergate?

Apply the don’t wait philosophy to your medical insurance to add that much needed certainty to your life. The perfect medical insurance will ensure your care takes place in a timely manner with a minimum of fuss. Towergate can really help. You get to speak to a human being; a human who feels, much like you, that understanding and certainty are key to you finding the perfect product for your needs.

They’ll listen first. This much is certain. Once they understand you they’ll go to work on matching you with the ‘perfect fit for you’ policy. This needn’t mean expensive. The good people at Towergate will find you the right policy with an ever-watchful eye on value. That much is certain, too.

What other kind of insurance does Towergate offer?

While you’re on the case with all things insurance it would be worth testing the Towergate team with any of your other insurance policy needs. Family holiday cover, equestrian cover, even school bus and key man cover are all in their very large insurance wheel house. Whether you’re an individual, an institution or even seasoned equestrian(!) we all need certainty. Don’t wait, call Towergate today.

Hear what other School Notices members have to say:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Towergate to anyone looking for health insurance. The wonderful Gerard looked after us superbly, ensuring that he properly understood our health history and our needs going forward. In the end he found us an amazing deal which suited all our individual requirements – not bad given we are a family of seven!” – Ed (St Mary’s Ascot parent) Marlborough College

Find out more about how Towergate can help you with your insurance needs here.


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