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Why I love boarding…


If you’ve been following us on social or reading our blog posts then you’ll know that we recently sponsored a competition run by the Boarding School Association (BSA)! To celebrate National Boarding Week in June we offered all of our budding tree climbers the opportunity to win ¬£200 worth of Go Ape vouchers, simply by telling¬†the BSA why they love boarding in 25 words or less. Thank you to all the students who took the time to enter!


Well the winner has now been announced, so drum roll please…

Huge congratulations to Cecilia from Uppingham School!!

And here’s her winning entry…

“Feeling at home when you’re away from home. Two homes and two families.”


And here is a snap shot of some of the wonderful runners up entries:

“I love this place as much as my home now, mainly because of the unforgettable experiences that I formed here with my close friends!” Student from King’s College Saint Michael’s

“I love boarding because we get to learn new skills. It’s really fun to have independence and responsibility. It’s like one big family.” Student from Kitebrook House

“There is a real sense of family and everyone supports each other; we are all in it together. Everyone is included in everything.” Student from Uppingham School

“Boarding is one big happy family. Everyone is so supportive and friendly which is why I love it so much.” Student from Abbots Bromley School

“I love boarding because my friends feel like family, we all treat each other with respect, and the important thing is we always have fun.” Student from Stonar School

“Boarding at Cottesmore is epic and amazing. It is not just about sleeping, it’s about playing, teamwork and spending more time with your friends.” Cottesmore School

“I love boarding because it creates a sense of community, trust and most of all friendships with others around you who make you happy!” Student from Uppingham School

“I love boarding because, I improve on my independence. We also go on really fun activities on the weekend like rides, water parks and more!” Student from Farlington School


For more chances to win, see our other Competitions here.

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