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Healthcare insurance doesn’t have to be boring… here’s why

We’re calling it – searching for health insurance can be a little dull. But not always… That’s why School Notices recommends Towergate Insurance. You’ll get personal service, surprisingly good value and, most importantly, peace of mind. We especially love that you’ll get to talk to real people who’ll work with you (and have your back) to formulate a health insurance plan for your family or your business, as well as specialist cover for things that many insurers would run a country mile from.

What can Towergate offer you that’s different?

They’ll understand you first. What drives, what frustrates, what you need to get on with your life (which is good for everyone’s health). It’s all part of the service. Of course they’ll ask questions, understandably there will be Ts and Cs, but there’ll be a real sense of relationship, first and foremost. It’s absolutely vital when it comes to your families lives or supporting your business.

Are they right for my family’s needs?

Towergate offer all the policies you’d expect such as healthcare and car insurance cover, as well as a vast array of specialist cover for everything you can possibly imagine, which many insurers would steer a country mile from.

Towergate simply have the bandwidth for your life. Second homes abroad, parachuting, beach huts, school events and even martial arts(!) come under their guiding hand.

Few of us may ever be unfortunate enough to receive a flying roundhouse kick while in said beach hut resorting in total carnage… still, it’s good to know Towergate have this covered. We recommend starting with your health and life first. The beach hut ninja mishaps can wait a while longer!

Let’s get back to a more personal service, hand-in-hand with real value cover. Just don’t call them while operating a pony, or while leading a skiing trip. Think of Towergate as a superb personal service, giving you great value coverage and that all important peace of mind.

Hear what School Notices members have to say…

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Towergate to anyone looking for health insurance. The wonderful Gerard looked after us superbly, ensuring that he properly understood our health history and our needs going forward. In the end he found us an amazing deal which suited all our individual requirements – not bad given we are a family of 7!”  Ed (St Mary’s Ascot parent)

 “Having been slightly overawed by the thought of seeking new family health insurance, what a breath of fresh air it has been dealing with Towergate. Quick, efficient and totally painless…can’t recommend them enough!” Simon (Marlborough College parent)


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