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The Top 10 jewellery gifts that won’t break the bank!

LIVIA PRIMO LACK, jewellery journalist, shares her top 10 affordable jewellery pieces for Christmas.  Perfect little gems for friends, family and of course yourself!

Ania Haie jewellery

Based on the incontestable fact that fashion-focused women don’t want to compromise on quality, Ania Haie is a London based jewellery brand that creates pieces that  have a luxury feel with an accessible price tag. The collections focus on the fashion trends of the moment, with each piece designed to be layered and stacked. Fun, well made and fashionable, this brand is worth investing in. Gold vermeil pearl mini hoop earrings, £35.00 by Ania Haie 


Every Missoma piece is made with the aim of creating a contagious confidence in all it’s wearers. Behind this brand is a community of like-minded women and some beloved men who want to remind other women of their own creativity and power. With a soft aesthetic yet bold design, these demi-fine pieces are statement in their subtlety. Gold vermeil Bracelet, £75 by Missoma


This demi-fine jewellery brand is the shared passion of two sisters who came together after long and successful careers in fashion to fill a gap in the jewellery market: elegant pieces that could be worn everyday, with prices to match. Otiumberg is a selection of carefully chosen jewellery designs that are timeless in style and made to be worn by busy and powerful girls on their daily adventures. Gold Vermeil hoops, £85.00 by Otiumberg

V by Laura Vann

The designs behind V by Laura Vann Jewellery are inspired by those pieces that have survived the test of time. After 20 years of experience in her family’s jewellery business, British Jeweller Laura Vann decided to create a brand of her own that counters fast fashion with enduring Art Deco designs using gold plated recycled silver. Gold Vermeil and Cubic Zirconia ring, £85.00  from V by Laura Vann


Reclaiming quality jewellery for the masses, Motley is taking the “it” designers of today and collaborating with them on affordable collections to allow everyone to enjoy their creations. From Melis Goral to Alice Cicolini, Motley has cornered the market for demi-fine jewellery. Through various techniques and craftsmanship, the brand provides long lasting stylish jewellery for a much better price. Gold Vermeil and Turquoise Enamel Studs, £90 by Motley x Melis Goral


Costume jewellery rich in shape and colour, KVK73 pieces offer the perfect Couture sparkle at a 10th of the price. Through a series of intricate designs and gemstone colour combination, this brand offers all the best of luxury jewellery with none of the hangups. Easy to wear and extremely durable, these pieces suit everyone. Rose gold-plated brass and zirconia stone bracelet,  £125.00 by KVK73

Little by Little

Little by Little is a brand born from the friendship between two students. With a shared passion for sustainability and fashion, the two friends created a brand that is stylish, affordable and ethical. When you purchase a piece from Little by Little you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product at no humanitarian cost. Gold Vermeil necklace, £130.00 by Little by Little

⭐️ STAR PRODUCT: Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke is a household brand name. Each fine and demi-fine piece of jewellery is made to be worn, layered, gifted and thoroughly enjoyed every day. Their lockets are relevant, relaxed and luxurious all at once, proving to be the perfect customizable piece with that little extra bit of emotion behind it.  Gold vermeil and white sapphire locket, £195 by Astley Clarke


At the core of the Kimjoux fine jewellery brand is a strong belief in the power of collaboration and empowerment. These elegant everyday pieces were created to remind everyone of the importance of self-expression and self-investment. Each Kimjoux piece champions individuality, highlighting every wearer’s undeniably unique traits. Ame Gold ring, £470 by Kimjoux 


We all know and love the jewellery brand Annoushka. With their creative designs that remain classic and timeless, a jewel from this brand is the perfect starter piece for a jewellery collection that will last a lifetime. With precious metals and stones, an Annoushka pendant is young, light and effortlessly elegant in every way.  White gold and diamond ‘L’ Pendant, £595 by Annoushka 

Livia Primo Lack

Having worked in the luxury goods industry in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US, Watches & Jewellery content creator Livia Primo Lack has covered all jewellery matters from Costume to Couture. Through her experiences in the editorial world, styling and writing for Tatler Magazine, Vanity Fair London and The Jewellery Cut, her instagram account is the source to discover up and coming new jewellers, as well as traditional iconic brands. She follows the most recently released collections and advises on matching personal styles to different designers.

For more info DM her on instagram account @LiviaRosina


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