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The raw truth behind dog food!

We’re all passionate about our dogs and we want to feed them the best! If you’ve ever tried raw feeding you’ll understand the day-to-day struggle. But, have you ever wondered there might be a simpler way, without sacrificing the rich nutritional profile?

James, Founder of Ella & Co – a happiness and wellbeing company for dogs (and owner of five, yes five dogs) has done just that and created a raw diet that your dog will love, is amazing for them and easy for you. James explains more…

“It’s not hard to love dogs. When you have a dog – or in my case, five – by your side, the world can become a simpler place. Strangers come up, not to talk to you, but to say hi to your dogs! They have the ability to bring so much pleasure and ease to life. I personally don’t know what I would do without them.”

For years I fed regular commercial dry dog food, until I looked a little closer at what actually went into the product, the process, high cooking temperatures and lack of natural nutrients.

I started raw feeding and noticed immediate visible effect. Brighter eyes, shinier coats and much healthier poo. However after months of continually freezing, defrosting & disinfecting I knew there had to be another way – I just wanted dog food with the same health benefits of raw-feeding but was easy to store, feed and travel with.

That’s when I discovered freeze-drying – it has all the benefits of a raw diet, but none of the hassle.

For over a year I have been working with vets and nutritionists to bring the perfect, bite-size freeze-dried complete meal for dogs which doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.

Plus you won’t find any preservatives or hidden nasties in our food. We only use the kind of fresh, healthy ingredients that you’d put on your plate.

Choosing freeze-dried dog food gives you the ease and convenience of kibble, with the amazing health benefits of a raw diet. The result? Shinier coats, healthier skin and boosted energy levels. And there’s no refrigeration or freezing required – simply store in your kitchen cupboard.

I’m thrilled to be starting a journey of exploration to help myself and other pet parents to do the best we can by our beloved friends.

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(Main image © Matt Hind @_matthind www.matthind.com)

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