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The best cordless, portable table lamps to brighten up any space!

Beautiful, affordable and incredibly handy, Pooky’s portable table lamps mark a real transformation in home lighting, not to mention they make fantastic Christmas gifts too! Here’s what makes them so exciting…

Cordless lamps are a real leap forward in home lighting, creating options we’ve never had before. The only trouble is that up to now, they’ve been either ugly, or expensive, or both. Pooky’s portables change all of that. They might just be the first collection of rechargeable, cordless table lamps that are as beautiful as their corded cousins, and at sensible prices to boot!

Let us paint you a picture…

  • Light up those little corners – you can illuminate shelves, mantelpieces and cosy little nooks that were previously out of reach
  • Dinner table centrepiece – more convenient than a candelabra and perfect for the festive feast
  • Al fresco dining light – take it onto the patio of a warm evening, or even on picnics
  • Instant office – turn the dining table, kitchen island or any flat surface into a WFH workspace with an instant desk light
  • Mood lighting in the bathroom – place a table lamp on a chair near the tub and turn your bathroom into a warmly lit, spa-like haven

What makes the Pooky portables special?

Here’s how Pooky’s cordless lamps have revolutionised the lighting game:

1) They’re beautiful designer lamps

The Phileas, designed by the brilliant Matthew Williamson, was Pooky’s first cordless table lamp, and showed what could be done. Since then their designers have brought the Pooky aesthetic to the world of rechargeables, creating a range of gorgeous little lights in range of materials and finishes, including antique brass, bronze, silver and resin. It’s the portable lamp with no compromise in design quality.

2) They’re remarkably affordable

Making designer lighting affordable is the very heart of the Pooky ethos. Apart from the Hernan at £135, all cordless lamps are £115, making them eminently giftworthy. (Plus, delivery is free to mainland UK.)

3) You can mix and match lamp shades

The possibilities for colour, pattern, material and interior design fun are boundless. Choose from Pooky’s humongous range of gorgeous designer lamp shades, or re-use an old favourite. All except the Hernan below can be used with separate shades.

4) They’re dimmable

All except the Hernan downlight (yes it really is the odd one out) are dimmable, providing multiple options for atmosphere and mood, as well as location.

5) They provide lasting light

Everything in the range provides at least ten hours of light per full charge, so no worries about the lights going out in the middle of your dinner party…

**Special offer for SN members**

Check out everything from their designer portable table lamp range to their elegant wall lights and mirrors. Pooky is offering SN members 15% off.

The Pooky portables range…

Meet the family…

Phileas rechargeable table lamp in antique bronze

Designed by Matthew Williamson, our rechargeable cordless Phileas lamp is the pioneer of our cordless lamp range. Seriously handsome and can be paired with any shade you wish. Supplied with a bulb, charger and a three stage dim function.

Shop the antique brass and antique bronze editions.

Marco rechargeable table lamp in amber resin


A gem of a lamp, all centred around the magnificent amber faceted resin jewel, which gently glows when the light is on. Dimmable, with at least ten hours of charge.

Shop Marco here.

Amelia rechargeable table lamp finished in antiqued silver

Named after the brilliant and frankly heroic Amelia Earhart, who pushed through boundaries of flight. In some small way this heavenly silver-finished lamp is pushing the boundaries of lighting.

Shop Amelia here.

Ernest rechargeable table lamp finished in antiqued brass

Named after Shackleton, our thought was that this dainty, elegant, almost perfect portable beauty would have lifted, improved and, perhaps, illuminated his death defying adventure in the South Seas. Why not?

Shop Ernest here.

Walter rechargeable table lamp finished in antiqued brass

Resolutely and proudly square, and gloriously diminutive. Cuts a dash with a short silk drum shade. Wonderfully different.

Shop Walter here.

Hernan rechargeable table lamp finished in antiqued brass and bronze

Hernan is the odd one out of the range – or, rather, gloriously unique. You can’t change the shade because it’s a very stylish midcentury mushroom shape, and it resonates a warm and comforting downlight.

Shop Hernan here.

Pooky are passionate about beautiful lighting that brings you up-market style for street market prices. Pooky are offering SN members 15% off


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