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Tried, Tested and Tasty Pork Ribs Recipe…

Flora Gordon Clark, amazing chef and cookery school owner, shares with us her wonderful recipe for Sticky Pork Ribs, an all-time favourite for kids and grown ups.  Take our word for it, they are finger-licking-delish!

Sticky Pork Ribs

Serves 6 hungry people!

The idea is to braise the ribs first so that the meat softens and literally falls off the bone when you eat it.  They are then grilled briefly to get that special flavour from the BBQ but they are pretty good just browned in a hot oven as suggested here.  Allow time to reduce the marinade to a sticky sauce.  These can be prepared in advance and reheated.


For the marinade:
200ml ketchup
150ml light soy sauce
80ml runny honey
80ml dry sherry
2 cloves of garlic minced
3cm ginger minced / grated
1 tbsp rosemary, chopped (fresh or dried)

2 kg pork ribs


  1. Heat the oven to 220 degrees.
  2. Put all the marinade ingredients into a bowl or jug together and mix.
  3. Put the ribs into an oven-proof dish.
  4. Pour over the marinade.
  5. Turn the ribs over and make sure they are covered in the marinade.
  6. Marinade over night for a great-flavoured meat but if you don’t have time don’t worry – I often start cooking them immediately.
  7. When ready to cook add boiling water to the dish. The exact amount depends on the size of your dish. I add enough to come just less than half way up the sides.
  8. Loosely cover the dish with foil and put in the hot oven.
  9. Check after 15 minutes and when the marinade is simmering lower the heat to 160 degrees.
  10. Cook covered for about 1½ hours or until the meat starts to shrink down the bone. Turn the ribs a couple of times.
  11. When cooked remove the foil and pour the marinade into a saucepan.
  12. Put the ribs back into the oven and turn up the heat.
  13.  Cook until browned and looking delicious, again turning once or twice. This takes about 15/20 minutes.  Alternatively you can put them on the bbq for a few minutes taking care not to burn them.
  14. In the meantime boil the marinade in the saucepan until it is reduced to a lovely thick sauce that will coat the ribs.  Stir it once in a while so it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pan. This takes about 15 minutes depending on how much water you used in the braise.

Serve with steamed rice and steamed or stir fried veggies as a kids supper.|

These can be cooked to the point of separating them from their marinade well in advance.  Once cooked they also heat up really well wrapped in tin foil and in a low oven.  Or you can pick the meat off and use it in fried rice.

To learn more about Flora’s cookery school visit her website here

View more of Flora’s recipes here

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