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St Mary’s Calne & Eton College Choirs present FAURÉ’S REQUIEM

On Thursday 28th November, the choirs of St Mary’s Calne and Eton College will present Fauré’s Requiem and selected choral works in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Royal Naval College Chapel.

A dazzling example of neoclassical architecture with intricate mouldings, imposing iconic columns and a grandiose altarpiece by Benjamin West, the Chapel in Greenwich, London, is an outstanding venue for enjoying music of all types and promises to provide the perfect setting for the beautiful melodies of Fauré’s serene and contemplative Requiem.

The concert starts at 6.30pm followed by post-concert drinks in the elegant Queen Mary Undercroft at the Old Royal Naval College.

Tickets for the concert are priced at £30 to include post-concert drinks.


All funds raised will support military bursaries.

Military Bursaries – St Mary’s Calne

St Mary’s Calne offers means-tested military bursary awards (up to 20%) to the daughters of Armed Forces personnel of any rank.

In addition, with Radley College and Downe House School, we fundraise for The Armed Forces Fund which supports the education of children of armed forces personnel who have been killed or wounded in active service. The Fund was launched in November 2010 and awards are based on sensitive means testing of up to 100% of school fees.

Currently 14 pupils at St Mary’s receive military bursary awards, including 3 pupils who receive funding from the Armed Forces Fund.

The wife of an army sergeant writes:

“My husband is one of the most seriously injured service men to survive Afghanistan and we have two daughters aged seven and five. The girls have been bullied and teased at our local school about their Dad’s condition and our family has been subjected to negative comments where we live. As a result, we decided to withdraw our daughters from their school and move house. My husband and I are now looking for kind and caring schools where the girls can flourish while all of us rebuild our lives.”

Our Military Bursaries exist to help families like this.

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