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Spotlight on… Fusalp’s Mathilde Lacoste

Fusalp’s Creative Director, Mathilde Lacoste is the creative spirit behind France’s luxury and dynamic ski brand.  We ask her what it takes to become the fashion power of the piste…


Bars jacket £695 (orange) (c)Studio Lamadone – Studio Picabel

How would you describe Fusalp?
Fusalp is a brand that creates ski wear but also urban clothes inspired by the mountain. It was founded by tailors, so the cut is crucial. It is not a fashion brand per se, it releases collections that are well constructed and always pass the test of trends and time.

What makes Fusalp skiwear so special?
We use innovative fabrics to ensure warmth and good freedom of movement. However, the finished garment is always slender and elegant.

When did your love of fashion first develop?
My father, who is a sculptor, took me to a graduate fashion show at the Duperré arts school in Paris. I was 14. It all started like from there!

What’s your design style?
I like structured things, I like simple things, and I love to mix and match sports pieces and more tailored pieces. I have an old YSL smocking jacket that I adored.

“Skiing and being active does not have to compromise with style.“

Who and where do you get your inspiration from?
I am very much inspired by Charlotte Perriand and contemporary art in general.

What’s been your biggest challenge?
I love to arrive at a brand that has lost its edge and put it back on track, make it high end and contemporary.

Mens Beryls coat £995 (black) (c)Studio Lamadone -Studio Picabel

What have been the highlights?
In general, working on a piece, any piece, putting in a lot of work and then seeing the final product. It is a constant joy.

And the low points…?
I have to do a lot of commuting – our headquarters are in Annecy and I have a studio in Paris as well.

Any favourite pieces from the current collection?
The Bars jacket for women and the Beryls coat for men. I like oversized mens clothes for girls

What’s your motto for life?
I am all about the pleasure of sports and activities that do not necessarily require a competitive side.


Shop the latest collection at fusalp.com

Or visit at Fusalp, 159 Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AJ London

Main image: (c) Théo Saffroy

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