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Spotlight on Annabel Champ @belsfashionedit

We are delighted to introduce Annabel Champ – @belsfashionedit who has agreed to become a regular Fashion contributor.  Annabel will be helping to guide us through the myriad of fashion information that we receive on a daily basis. How to mix designer brands with high street and how to re-invent that old skirt that’s been hanging in the back of the cupboard.

“What’s in, what’s out, what’s comfy, what to buy and above all what will make you feel positive and confident.”

When did your love of fashion first develop?

My mum was, and still is, interested in fashion and she used to make ours, and her own clothes, so I guess it’s just been part of my life from a young age.  

What is your signature style?

Over the years it has probably become a dressed down dress look! I’m all about comfort, having room to expand after eating and wearing shoes/boots that can be worn on school runs to nights out! 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

There’s no one place, I guess Instagram now that I’m on it so much more, fashion magazines, friends, people-watching and websites such as Sheer Luxe. 

How do you keep abreast of fashion trends?

Similar to the above and just checking the “new in” sections for fashion websites and email updates. 

What are your wardrobe staples?

Trainers, a leather, denim and utility jacket, a motif sweatshirt, a blazer, maxi dress and jumpsuit. 

What are your favourite shops and go-to brands?

I love a bargain and often find brands like Sandro, Iro, Maje and many others on the discount site ‘The Outnet’. My High street faves would be Zara, & Other Stories and H&M, and I like to support my local Chiswick boutiques; Wild Swans (who stock fabulous Scandinavian brands) and Damsel and also a lovely French brand, Marie & Lola. 

Highlights of being a fashion blogger?

All the fabulous people I’ve met and relationships I’ve built with other influencers, shop and brand owners; having a focus that can fit in around family and charity commitments and it’s always nice to have a gift arrive in the post ! 

Low points of being a fashion blogger?

Its extremely time consuming, way more than I had anticipated, feels like you’ve never done enough and never spent enough time researching, commenting, taking photos etc ! You also earn next to nothing ?

How do you juggle being a mum and a fashion blogger?

Oh gosh, who knows if I am ! I just try to do the majority of my Instagram work whilst the kids are at school. The kids are often roped into taking photos on the school run too! 

What is your motto for life?

Better not to have one! Just do what you can, don’t compare yourself to others and be honest, kind and approachable. 

Annabel, having worked as a lawyer and legal recruiter for many years, fell into the world of fashion after having her two kids. She set up her Instagram handle @belsfashionedit almost two years ago and during that time has forged relationships with local boutiques and other small and larger brand owners through this platform. Her interest in fashion and recruitment also led her to becoming a volunteer interview coach and dresser at Smart Works charity. She believes that how you dress can be really empowering as a woman and first impressions, especially in the work environment, are so important.  She loves to help these woman, and those who follow her on Instagram, feel confident and positive.

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