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St Edward’s, Oxford

Boarding 13-18yrs
Type: Senior
Pupil Numbers: 700
Entrance Procedure: Entry to all year groups is via academic entry exams, either our own or Common Entrance. All pupils must be registered in order to sit exams. There is a step by step guide available on our website for entry into different years. https://www.stedwardsoxford.org/admissions/how-to-apply/
Fees per term: £13,160 per term for boarding and £10,530 for day.

Head's Up

“There has never been a more exciting time to join St Edward’s. There is the strength of the community, grounded in a spirt of inclusion and built on an ethos of collaboration. There is the range of opportunity, from the choices in the Sixth Form to the depth of the co-curriculum. There is a vision for modern boarding which both mirrors life at home and allows time for pupils to be at home.

It is an honour for me to have been appointed Warden of St Edward’s and to have the chance to build on the achievements of the last ten years. My philosophy of education aligns with the excellent developments put in place at the School by my predecessors. There must be opportunity for all to take part and for all to excel. Children’s happiness and their ability to recognise what will make them happy are more important than anything else.”

Alastair Chirnside

As parents we love...

  • That it’s a very normal school, a perfect balance of kids from various backgrounds and geographical locations
  • That the kids can come home at weekends or if they wish to stay in, there is plenty to keep them busy
  • The ability to take either the IB or A level which are both taught brilliantly

As pupils we love...

  • The increasing levels of trust from the school, that allows them to visit Summertown first, progressing onto going to Oxford as they get older
  • The wide variety of sport which gives every child a chance to play in a team. My son’s highlight is watching the annual English Rugby team training camp at Teddies
  • The size and harmony of the school that creates a happy and friendly environment

What makes us different

Underlying everything at Teddies is our mission to prepare our pupils for the rest of their lives by encouraging their passions and talents, enabling them to discover new ones and supporting them to achieve their own potential. Our community fizzes with diverse interests and enthusiasms, while our academic excellence means 90% of our top pupils gain the highest grades in their Sixth Form exams and take up places at the world’s best universities. We are one of a few schools to offer both IB and A Level alongside each other at Sixth Form, and in our Middle School Program we have introduced new courses to stretch our candidates at GCSE level, responding directly to the very latest research into how young people learn.

We are very lucky to occupy such a large space in the north of the city of Oxford, where our extensive sports grounds and facilities surround an attractive Victorian red brick quad. Later this year we conclude a dynamic development project – to underpin the many ways in which we encourage our pupils to learn. The new study centre will bring pupils together in a modern library, an elegant and inspiring top-floor reading room and flexible learning spaces and a cafe, designed to facilitate large or small groups, in quiet study or robust discussion.

The North Wall Arts Centre is owned and run by Teddies, and sits on school grounds, but runs its own programme of public theatre and exhibitions. It’s a nexus of creativity, and our pupils are able to perform at the centre, and be inspired by the varied programme of visiting shows. Parents and pupils are able enjoy the space together.

We are one of very few boarding schools in the country to sit in a city. Oxford is both beautiful and lively, offering the best of culture and creativity in the arts and music scene. It is of course host to one of the most prestigious universities in the world – an ever inspiring neighbour. Our pupils love the nearby suburb of Summertown, where they can pop to the shops, or grab a hot chocolate in one of the many cafés. The city offers a sense of freedom and potential that grows as they do.

Community is a by-word for everything the School does; it is well-known for the strength and friendliness of its community and the quality of its pastoral care.


Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 7NN
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