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Sandroyd School

Boarding 2-13yrs
Type: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep
Pupil Numbers: 220 (120 boys, 100 Girls)
Entrance Procedure:

Visit to the school

Fees per term: From £6750 - £8180 (Prep School)

Head's Up

“We believe character skills are absolutely key to a Sandroyd Education and ultimately these are the skills that allow our children to be happy and successful at Senior School and life beyond. Character building and an emphasis on establishing solid life skills are as important as a child’s academic results. We nurture pupils to be ambitious; to question and to challenge, and to try their hardest in all they do. We spend our mornings in the classroom and our afternoons with all children thoroughly involved in our extra curricula activities. This is where children learn to deal with disappointment as well as elation. The extra curricula programme is not at the expense of the academics, indeed both run together hand in hand.  Our children are encouraged to communicate well and to listen and respond to the needs of others.”

Alastair Speers

The inside track from a current parent

We initially chose Sandroyd School over the rest because of the wide range of facilities and being able to take boys and girls meant that we could have both our children together. The remote country location was very important to us as well.

The school has not only pushed the children’s characteristics but has nurtured and developed their good characteristics and tried to re-educate the children in why their less good characteristics should be looked at and modified. Thus the children are free to develop with careful guidance.

The school has a family feel to it. A school that pushes the children when needed and protects them when required.


As parents we love...

  • The unforced emphasis on academic challenge which at one level has enthused our eldest to achieve an academic scholarship for his next school and, at the other end of the scale, has ensured our youngest is coping with jumping two school years from the European to the English syllabus
  • The efficiency with which they coped with our children flying in and out from Italy – and the exceptional pastoral care while boarding. The children are busy and have fun
  • The approachability of all the staff – from the Headmaster downwards. Suggestions are sought from the parents and acted upon. I am most impressed by the “open house” which is run for parents – regardless of whether one is dropping off daily, or only appearing for the occasional match afternoon

As pupils we love...

  • The surroundings – the location on the hill of Rushmore Park is unbeatable
  • The activities – the range of things they do at school including sports, riding, music, debating, Lego Club, the STRIVE programme, weekend activities – and learning
  • The family atmosphere of the school – it is the perfectly sized school, where they know everyone and everyone interacts with each other regardless of year group

What makes us different

This year we won the TES Strategic Education Award for our Strive programme. This combines all of the life skills that we believe children need to learn, but are not examined in. From debating to leadership; cryptic crosswords to philosophy.

This year we have won more academic scholarships than in any year since 1998.

With scholarships overall, we have never won as many scholarships across the board as we have this year (in the schools 130 year history)

Unbeaten season for the girls 1st hockey team.

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