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Queen Margaret’s School

Boarding 11-18yrs
Type: Prep, Senior
Pupil Numbers: 270
Entrance Procedure:

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Fees per term: Day: £7,090 | Boarding: £10,800

Head's Up

“As a leading all-girls independent school in the North of England, Queen Margaret’s provides a holistic education, underpinned by warm-hearted pastoral care, inspiring every girl to develop and flourish in a safe and happy boarding environment, empowering her to achieve her life, academic and career aspirations.”

Sue Baillie

The inside track from a current parent

Beautiful surroundings and first-rate facilities only tell half the story at Queen Margaret’s; it is the commitment to excellence and outstanding pastoral care that sets it apart. No-one knows your child as well as you do, but it is a remarkable testament to the house staff that girls are so sad to move on at the end of each year. Their relationship with the girls is caring, loving and warm – keeping parents informed every step of the way – everything you would wish for when you have entrusted your children to their care.

The girls are happy, relaxed and confident, focusing on their friendships and school life rather than falling foul to pressures of social media to be wearing make-up or particular fashions, which means they truly unwind during down-time, enabling them to focus on their learning during the school day.

The school has an inspiring curriculum and a dedicated and highly skilled staff who lead learning and support the girls to reach their full academic potential.  There are many opportunities to share the girls’ achievements through parents’ mornings, galleries, performances and matches.

Meal times are a social occasion, with delicious and balanced food served for every meal; as a parent, you get to sample the culinary talents at open days and parent’s days, and it is always a pleasure.

As parents we love...

  • Pastoral care – absolutely outstanding, with staff that go above and beyond the call of duty to give your daughter the best possible educational experience.
  • The environment – unrivalled facilities for academics, sports, music and the arts, a fully enclosed campus gives pupils a safe and remarkable space to relax and unwind, from the fitness trail, walks around the beautiful grounds to the open air pool, which provides welcome relief during the summer exam periods.
  • The personal touch – every member of staff is accessible, warm and welcoming. The head’s door is always open – physically and metaphorically – and the number of pupils means that she can know every child individually and celebrate their successes with them.

As pupils we love...

  • The community – every person contributes in their own way to the life and family of QMs, from staff, families to pupils – all are valued and respect for each other is a massive part of the ethos. The friendships we make are life-long.
  • Being valued and encouraged to grow as an individual – I know that I am celebrated for who I am already and who I aspire to become.
  • The tailored experience – no matter what your interests, QM’s is inspiring and encouraging, helping all girls to reach their personal potential and new heights. The quality of tuition in sports, arts and music is exceptional. The breadth of extra-curricular activities open to us, alongside support in careers and academic options is incredibly valuable.

What makes us different

A small school with the academic, pastoral and enrichment opportunities of a large school, QM frees girls from external pressures and stereotypes where they can be the very best versions of themselves. Encouraging every girl to pursue her interests confidently, they are recognised and rewarded for their willingness to immerse themselves in everything QM has to offer.

An independent school for independent girls, QM’s focus on the individual is exceptional. Every girl is unique and a bespoke education is created, supported by expert mentoring of QM’s one-to-one personal tutors, girls are nurtured and empowered to take charge of their learning and personal development.


Contact the QM Admissions team: qm-admissions@queenmargarets.com or 01904 727630
Escrick Park, Escrick, York, YO19 6EU
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