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Phileas Fox Nursery School

Day 2-5yrs
Type: Nursery
Pupil Numbers: 50
Entrance Procedure: We advise all families to visit the school to learn more about how we work and to make sure that we are the right nursery for you. We admit children when they turn two years old (or will do so within that term). The usual entry point is in September and normally children to stay with us for two or three years (depending on when their birthday is). We require a completed application form and £150 registration fee in order to be added to the provisional entry list. Places are allocated about a year prior to your child joining the school. Occasional places and start dates do become available so please feel free to call us at any point to discuss your requirements.
Fees per term: From £4380 per term

Head's Up

We believe that the early years of a child’s development are of crucial importance and have a significant impact on a child’s future. Our goal is to instill a love of learning and cultivate inquisitive, confident and happy children through multilingual education, delivered by devoted and caring educators in a warm, loving and fun environment.

The inside track from a current parent

Learning through play is our family ethos and we wanted to find a nursery that had the same mindset. We chose Phileas Fox for our eldest daughter, who thrived on structure and developmentally chose to speak at an early age. We looked for an environment that would nurture her gift and help to increase her confidence, whilst still letting her be a child. After visiting PF, we instantly saw how perfect the nursery was for her and were taken by how caring and friendly staff were. Her confidence levels flourished. We even saw her perform in the school nativity as Mary – something that we didn’t see possible, given how shy she was upon joining. In her final year, she was learning phonics and was writing her name (and more!), she was more than prepared for Reception, making the transition from nursery to school so smooth. She understands a significant amount of French and still sings songs and speaks. Since leaving PF, it has become even more apparent how much of a platform PF was for her and how nursery has enabled her to express her natural kindness and intellect. Although she already had these characteristics, we are eternally grateful to PF for helping her to hone in on these ahead of her beginning school.

Our youngest is a lot more physical and creative, so we questioned if PF would be the right environment for her. As we had such a positive experience with our eldest, we decided to see how our youngest fared. Within a week of joining PF it was clear to us how versatile the nursery really is. Our youngest settled in almost instantly and her teachers were patient and caring throughout. She comes home daily with a huge smile on her face, counting, singing and talking in both French and English. She loves practising her yoga and also telling me about her day.

Despite the girls being so different, PF has managed to bring out their strengths and help to increase confidence levels. The routine and structure has helped to keep our youngest calm, without losing her energetic character. PF nursery has been able to hone in on her skills of creativity, pretend play and arts and crafts to teach her counting, colours, routine and more. She has grown so much over the past year and we can’t wait to see how much more she grows during the rest of her time at nursery. We see regular updates of progress on progress and we have an open relationship with key workers, head mistress and senior members of staff. The environment is very friendly and welcoming.

As parents we love...

  • Friendly and nurturing staff
  • Cleanliness of nursery and great outdoor space
  • Multi-lingual and a wide range of additional extra curricular activities

As pupils we love...

  • Outdoor space, especially the pirate ship!
  • Wide range of activities – football, yoga, dance, music, singing, arts and crafts, French
  • Friendly Teachers

What makes us different

Phileas Fox Nursery School combines a unique learning experience with excellent childcare provision and facilities. We are distinctive in offering a choice of learning French, Chinese or Russian languages and cultures alongside the traditional Early Years programme. Our ethos is to provide a perfect balance between teaching the children academically and holistically through multilingual education, in a playful, fun, caring and stimulating environment.

Our teachers are native speakers and deliver the curriculum in both languages daily to achieve maximum immersion. We have a range of specialist teachers that teach weekly lessons in Yoga, Music, Performing arts, Sports and Computing. It is incorporated into our curriculum to make sure that children receive a well rounded and balanced education. Art and creative play are a big part of our school and is practiced daily.

We are fortunate to be in a large stand-alone building with high ceilings and plenty of natural light. Purposefully designed rooms in soft-hued colours create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for the children. We have a huge garden that is used daily for free play, activities, lessons, and sport.

We offer a range of attendance sessions to suit all families. Children can do mornings, afternoons and full days, and there is also a breakfast and after-school club available. Hot delicious lunches and snacks are provided at the school, and all meals are organic. Children that nap can do so after lunch in their own comfy beds. We are open for 42 weeks a year, with an additional five weeks of holiday clubs.

After Phileas Fox, children go to a range of top London pre-preps. We are extremely proud of our little alumni who grow into confident and happy learners and are thriving. We have a close community of wonderful families that have formed great lasting friendships that carry on beyond Phileas Fox.

We believe that we have created a home away from home, where the children are well cared for, can learn and develop at their own pace and are exposed to many enriching experiences.

Phileas Fox Nursery School received an Outstanding grade by Ofsted during the last inspection and has been listed in Tatler’s Best Nurseries Guide.


Please email or telephone the school to book an individual school visit. We also hold Open Mornings during the year. Please visit our website or call the school for details.
St Mary's Square, W2 1SE

Useful Dates

Term Dates:

Autumn 2022: 5th September- 16th December
Spring 2023: 5th January- 31st March
Summer 2023: 18th April – 28th July

Open Days:

Open Morning TBC

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