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Newton Prep

Boarding 3-13yrs
Type: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep
Pupil Numbers: 654 (357 Boys, 297 Girls)
Entrance Procedure:

Registration for Newton Pep need not be done any earlier than September in the year before you want your child to come. Assessment below Year 3 is very gentle; academic selection only truly kicks in for entrance into the Upper School. We have a healthy and flourishing bursary scheme.

Fees per term: £3,100 (Nursery), £5,730-£6,565 (School)

Head's Up

“Newton Prep is unashamedly ambitious for its pupils; we want them to achieve their academic potential. We want our children to develop a strong sense of kindness and community. Fundamentally, we want Newton Prep children to enjoy their precious childhood years.”

Alison Fleming

The inside track from a current parent

Newton Prep feels more representative of London than other prep schools. The playground at pick up is filled with fathers and mothers from all sorts of backgrounds, with lots to talk about other than London property prices!

It’s progressive in its approach to education, with an ethos that supports the flourishing of each individual child; the facilities are simply amazing, the artwork on display is the perfect illustration of how colourful, diverse and vibrant the whole school is, top to bottom.

Once you come to look round, you can’t help but be sold on the school by the incredibly impressive Head, Mrs Fleming – she’s relaxed and friendly but really knows what she’s doing. She recently rewrote the Mission Statement of the school and I like the fact that, while there was the usual ‘clever prep school’ avowal for children to reach their academic potential and be good citizens of their community, it’s the last line that rings so true about Newton, “Fundamentally, we want Newton Prep children to enjoy their precious childhood years”. Sometimes I think London schools can lose that preciousness in their hothousing, but not Newton.

What a prospective parent may not know about the school is how diverse it is: the registrar told me the other day that there were now over 50 nationalities represented in some form at Newton. Yet it doesn’t feel like an international school – there is that indefinable Britishness still, but just the modern London version: it feels more real life than, for example, my nephew’s prep school, which is all blazers and school ties and calling the teachers sir and ma’am….!

As parents we love...

  • The teaching staff are exceptional
  • Amazing facilities, relaxed environment
  • The large size means there is a bit for everyone in terms of clubs (sports, chess, various languages, drama, speech, various musical instruments)

As pupils we love...

  • The amazing All Weather Pitch
  • The great Sports, Drama and Art facilities
  • We are always busy, never bored, and love all the non-timetable days that bring the school together

What makes us different

Highlight of the year: ripping up the Common Entrance syllabus and, while keeping the core subjects, creating a stimulating, rigorous, cross-curricular Humanities programme, based on the 7 Cs (Communication, Confidence, Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Commitment) for the Years 7&8… result: a stimulated, engaged set of independent, link-thinking young teenagers!

No coincidence that the 2019 Year 7 (i.e. staying on from Year 6) is our biggest ever.


We have one annual Open Morning in mid-October and more personal, small-group tours with the Headmistress most Friday mornings in term-time, bookable online though they get booked up very quickly.
149 Battersea Park Road, London, London Area, SW8 4BX
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