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Malvern College

Boarding 13-18yrs
Type: Senior, Sixth Form
Pupil Numbers: 640 (Girls 295; Boys 345 )
Entrance Procedure: Entry can be at any stage but most commonly is at 13+, for the Lower School and 16+ for entry to the Sixth Form. The Entrance procedure is a combination of examination, tests and interview depending on the school and country from which the applicant is applying. The Common Entrance examination is most usually the mode of entry for entrants who are 13+, or pupils take the Malvern College entrance examination instead. Examination results and school academic records are used as a guide to Sixth Form entry. We like to meet the pupil with his or her family at Malvern at some stage of this process and welcome parents to visit for a personal tour of the school and boarding accommodation well in advance of registration, or to attend one of our Open Days in advance of arranging a personal tour. All the details of our entrance procedures, for each year group, can be found at: https://www.malverncollege.org.uk/Entrance-Procedure
Fees per term: Lower School: £13,185 (Boarders) £8,807 (Day) Sixth Form: £13,646 (Boarders) £8,807 (Day)

Head's Up

Malvern College provides a transformational educational experience, through which our pupils develop a sense of worth, purpose and fulfilment, ready to take opportunities and determined to make a positive difference in the world. Academically accomplished and comfortable in their own skin, they are able to get on with, work with, and lead others.

The inside track from a current parent

We chose Malvern College for our boys because Malvern is known for its strength in providing pastoral care and for its provision of a comprehensive all-round education. Malvern not only offers fantastic teaching but also an extensive range of co-curricular activities, and whether your child is sporty, artistic, musical or academic, or none of these in particular, the school will help your child to find his or her strengths through the many opportunities offered. The Malvern College setting is simply stunning. It has historic beautiful buildings, green open spaces, amazing classroom and sporting facilities on a campus that overlooks the Severn Valley against the beautifully scenic backdrop of the Malvern Hills. For us this place has provided the safe campus environment that we were looking for.

Our two boys have now completed their education at Malvern; the youngest left this year. Malvern continues to provide support for them through the Malvernian Society, offering guidance with careers, and arranging social events to attend to keep them in touch. Both our boys are confident, treat people how they like to be treated, and are rounded and inquisitive individuals prepared to take on a challenge. They have been fortunate to have wonderful peers in their year group with whom they will keep in touch. This is one special school and prospective parents are in for a treat! It has completely met our expectations and we couldn’t be more pleased that we chose Malvern.

As parents we love...

  • If we had to choose the things we love about Malvern College, it would be the outstanding pastoral care, which is superb. Academic support, we feel is a given, and there is the opportunity to aim high which we value, because every child is different.
  • There is a unique rapport between the teachers and students that stems from this care and support.
  • There is also a wonderful openness and warmth between parents and the College staff that makes you feel that you can voice any concerns you may have at any time. There is a Parents Forum too, with a parent representative from each boarding house.

As pupils we love...

  • Our children loved the environment – the stunning scenery and landscape of Malvern College, their teachers and sports coaches and they had the best facilities inside and outside the classroom to help them learn.
  • They value having had the chance to make lasting friendships with pupils from the UK and overseas, that has made them friends for life, and will continue to allow them to travel in this country and abroad to see them.
  • They develop new skills and passions from the wide range of co-curricular activities offered. Our boys travelled on a rugby tour to New Zealand and the Cook Islands and will never forget it. This kind of experience is what helps make them.

What makes us different

Malvern College is one of England’s great public schools, located in a glorious setting on the slopes of the Malvern Hills. The school has a rich and distinguished history, yet we look to the future in seeking to develop outstanding young people with the skills, resilience and initiative to flourish.

Malvern has a strong academic focus, with an enrichment programme that stimulates intellectual curiosity and academic breadth beyond the confines of exam criteria. This sits alongside a diverse co-curricular programme that promotes all-round personal development and a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Committed to the wellbeing of each individual, our staff encourage pupils to be independent, take calculated risks, and adopt the ethos of service to others that underpins the school. We are known for excellent pastoral care and this is the foundation on which excellence in all other areas is built: in pupils’ academic and co-curricular achievements, and also simply in their interactions with those around them and the way that they approach the world with confidence.

On meeting a Malvernian, you will find that typically this confidence translates into an optimism and openness to welcome newcomers warmly, something that I very much hope you will experience for yourself when you visit.


To book a place for your family at one of our Open Days, or to arrange a family visit, please contact the Admissions Office: e: admissions@malverncollege.org.uk t: 01684 581613
College Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3DF
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