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Lord Wandsworth College

Boarding 11-18yrs
Type: Prep, Senior
Pupil Numbers: 620 (370 boys, 250 girls)
Entrance Procedure:


Fees per term: Junior Full Boarding: £10,145 | Junior Weekly Boarding: £9,800 | Junior Flexi Boarding (up to 3 nights): £8,670 | Junior Day: £7,080 | Senior Full Boarding: £11,550 | Senior Weekly Boarding: £11,000 | Senior Flexi Boarding (up to 3 nights): £9,660 | Senior Day: £8,130 | Occasional Boarding: £55 per night

Head's Up

“Nestled within our stunning 1200 acre campus of soft rolling hills and wooded valleys is a school where pupils are thriving. It is a school with an inspirational charitable foundation, a passion for the individual and one which nurtures character and inner self-confidence in a world full of complexity. At LWC, pupils have a voice, alongside a desire to be curious, creative and gain an ever-developing sense of emotional intelligence. We also have a great deal of fun.”

Adam Williams

The inside track from a current parent

After living abroad for over eight years, we relocated back to the UK in 2017 and needed to find a school for our two sons who were then in Year 7 and Year 9. We learnt about Lord Wandsworth College when we attended the Independent Schools Show.

Although the school was outside the geographical area in which we were looking, we were so impressed by what we heard from the Headmaster at the ISS, that we decided to visit LWC and have a look for ourselves. We visited at least eight schools during our search but we decided to accept the offers from LWC based on our tour of the school, our interaction with the Headmaster and the thoughtful, professional way in which the Admissions Office communicated with us.

The boys have now been at Lord Wandsworth for two years and the school has far exceeded all our expectations. Both our children are thriving in an environment where each child is embraced as an individual, the underlying ethos is one of inclusion and encouragement and the team of teachers and support staff are dedicated and kind.

My sons have both thrived academically at LWC and are fulfilling their potential across the curriculum. They have been encouraged to try new sports and activities and their weekly ‘after school’ schedule is full; they are day students but often don’t come home until 8pm!

There are some exceptional teachers at Lord Wandsworth and the level of support they provide to the students is outstanding. The teachers’ dedication to the students is impressive; not only academically but pastorally. The school nurtures the ‘whole person’,  building confidence,  self-reliance and social skills whilst ensuring that they fulfil their academic potential to support this.

We are delighted with the decision we made for our sons. Our boys are very different from one another both in terms of their academic strengths and extra-curricular passions… from sporting interests to the performing arts. It is a testament to Lord Wandsworth College that both of them have excelled in the college’s environment. If a holistic education is what you desire for your child where their uniqueness will be championed by an exceptional team of committed professionals, then LWC is the perfect choice.

As parents we love...

  • LWC embraces the ‘individual’ and nurtures students not only academically but as happy, successful young adults through developing trust, independence and confidence
  • High standards of behaviour are prevalent and any issues are dealt with quickly, tactfully and practically
  • Feedback and communication is professional, meaningful and regular. Interaction between parents and the school is encouraged

As pupils we love...

  • The teachers are approachable and always willing to give extra help and encouragement
  • The school is kind, friendly and you can ‘have a go’ and get involved in a range of subjects and activities
  • The school recognises each individual for the contribution they make to the school

What makes us different

Encouraging every pupil to be as good as they possibly can be, we achieve excellent examination results and create confident, capable, extremely level-headed and happy young people.

Firmly believing that education extends far beyond the classroom, we offer an incredible range of sporting and co-curricular activities and go to great lengths to discover what makes each pupil special.


Long Sutton, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1TB
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