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Heathfield School

Boarding 11-18yrs
Type: Senior, Sixth Form
Pupil Numbers: 180
Entrance Procedure:

The first step is to visit the school and then register by completing the registration form and paying the £200 registration fee.
11+ and 13+ Candidates are assessed in No-vember of the year prior to entry using a computer based entrance assessment de-signed to assess numeracy, verbal and non-verbal ability. We have taken the decision to use this assessment since it is designed to evaluate potential rather than knowledge; tutoring or preparation is therefore unneces-sary. Further information regarding CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University) can be found at www.cem.org. The academic assessment is a critical part of the process but performance at interview with the Headmistress, partici-pation in a series of workshops and reference from the current school are all considered to inform our decisions.
The day also provides an opportunity for can-didates to experience life at the school.

Fees per term: Boarding: £11,920 - £12,210 | Day: £7,395 - £7,600

Head's Up

“Eleanor Beatrice Wyatt, the founder of Heathfield, established the school 120 years ago to allow the girls to ‘see the sky.’ She meant it literally, but I take it to be a metaphor to allow the girls to reach their greatest potential in whatever sphere that is – whether academic, artistic, sporting, musical or dramatic. Heathfield enables girls to excel and empowers them as self-confident, resilient, articulate young women because we understand that in order to succeed young women need to be happy and confident first. From that, everything else follows.

Academically, Heathfield aims to engender an intellectual curiosity combined with self-discipline; it is this combination which leads our young women to succeed in so many areas. However, we are not led purely by our academic outcomes; our girls go to the best universities, the best Art colleges and Drama schools as well as to the world of work. Our girls, staff and parents work hard together to ensure that each individual girl’s dream is fulfilled. We know, value and respect every girl; that is what we stand for.”

Sarah Wilson

The inside track from a current parent

To be honest, initially we weren’t even considering a boarding school for our daughter. The speculative open morning, we attended at Heathfield, totally knocked us all over!

We were given a comprehensive tour by a well-mannered, well-spoken, articulate and extremely proud Lower 6th Form girl. We knew immediately we wanted our daughter to have an opportunity of achieving similar qualities.

Our daughter is academic, however we also wanted to find a well-rounded school for her, with a balance between academic achievements, personal development, creativity, a nurturing environment, and competitive sporting teams. A school small enough that our daughter would not be lost within. Heathfield has all these qualities, and much more.

We are now well into our second year, and although a big adjustment for our family and daughter initially, we can now see the positive changes happening to our daughter, and the wonderful independence and maturity she is starting to show.

Academically she is doing well, with any hiccups along the way being addressed quickly by dedicated teachers, whilst maintaining consistent high grades. A real achievement especially with the extra performing art activities, sporting tournaments, galas and other social activities she partakes in.

As parents we love...

  • We really think a lot of the staff, especially how we are having been welcomed and treated from day one.
  • The communication is very professional, personalised, and direct. We have access at any time to all our daughter’s teachers’, and especially the boarding staff that we contact regularly to be reassured that our daughter is coping well.
  • Heathfield seems to spend a lot of time and consideration getting the dorm change, girl mix right, always looking into ways of improving this important area. We like this considered approach, along with the restrictive mobile phone access. It’s important for us, that our daughter also learns the social and communication skills that will be a lifelong benefit for her. A side benefit for us, has been becoming friends with some of the other parents. Although we don’t see them often, due to work commitments, they are all a friendly, interesting and supportive group from all over the United Kingdom and abroad.

As pupils we love...

Our daughter when asked this question, replied – All the friends I’ve made, and all of the fun things we do. I can’t imagine my life without Heathfield now, I feel at home there. She also mentioned, she likes the socials with the boys schools!

What makes us different

  • St Nicholas Stalls charity fundraising event raised nearly £18,000 for Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, GOSH, Women4Women and Young Minds.
  • LAMDA 100% merit and distinction.
  • Fashion Show taking place on 21 and 22 March with Stephen Lisseman and other special guests.
  • Twelfth Night school production.
  • RIBI (vocal category) – Tansy (LVI) came first, Lulu (Form III) came third.
    LVS Ascot Music Festival – (Piano 3 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze) (Vocal and instrumental 2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze) (Advanced rock and pop vocals 1 gold) (Composing 1 silver) (Intermediate rock and pop 1 silver, 4 bronze) – Sophie went on to win the Best Contemporary Vocals award at the LVS Gold Medal winners concert.
  • ARTiculation – Tansy (LVI) spoke on Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs in the regional heats of ARTiculation.
  • U15 Ascot Schools Netball Tournament – Silver.
  • U12 A team swimmers placed first at the Ascot Schools Swimming Gala.
    Twins competed in the swimming regional heats for Berkshire.
  • SUPA National Senior Schools Polo Championships – First in Intermediate Division 1.


Email registrar@heathfieldschool.net or call 01344 898342
London Road, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8BQ
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