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Boarding 3-18yrs
Type: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep, Senior, Sixth Form
Pupil Numbers: 480 girls
Entrance Procedure: Godolphin Assessment at 11+. 13+ and 16+ Entry.
Fees per term: Day £6,700 - £7,445 Boarding £6,615 - £13,055

Head's Up

“We have a clear, modern outlook and we are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge, qualifications, resilience and character to take their place and be successful in the increasingly challenging world they will inherit. The culture of friendship, encouragement, support and mutual respect within School is empowering and individuality is celebrated very firmly in the context of an inclusive community. As well as achieving outstanding academic results we believe it is our duty to help students develop as confident, aware, well informed and independent individuals with a sense of adventure and real zest for life.”

Emma Hattersley

SNTV interview with Emma Hattersley

The inside track from a current parent

Godolphin promises success without stress – and truly delivers. Pupils are poised, happy and have a strong can-do attitude. Each girl is painstakingly infused with support from staff to be the best they can be – both academically and as a person. But what truly sets Godolphin apart is the sheer happiness of its girls. Without boys and nurtured to relish their individuality, they’re relaxed and allowed to blossom at their own pace. For a parent, to watch your daughter enjoy her teenage years is a precious thing indeed. That’s not to say that Godolphin doesn’t rigorously prepare its pupils for adulthood, it does. Of course they do DofE and CCF, but the school also offers the girls the chance to fly off to Portugal for a self-defence boot camp, where they spend a week on the beach learning to confidently repel potential assailants. Godolphin is the full package; top teaching, exceptional pastoral care and a lot of fun. The girls emerge feisty and ready to reach for the stars.

As parents we love...

  • Head teacher Emma Hattersley: Since her arrival Godolphin has gone from strength to strength and applications have risen significantly. Charismatic and warm, she leads by example.
  • The community: Parents feel very included and there are plenty of opportunities to attend formal, educational and social events at the school.
  • Head of Art and Design Nick Eggleton: A very strong department within the school and scholarships are highly sought after. Nick recently won Wiltshire Life Awards’ “Teacher of the Year”.

As pupils we love...

  • Sport: Pupils spend a lot of time outside, come rain, snow and shine. Lacrosse is taken seriously but annual awards recognise achievements in a wide range of sports.
  • The community: Parents feel very included and there are plenty of opportunities to attend formal, educational and social events at the school.
  • The food: Teenage girls obviously need to be encouraged to have a healthy relationship with food. Eating disorders are rare and one of the reasons for this is the fantastic grub.


Parents and children are invited to join Godolphin's Snapshot mornings throughout the year. During this time, visitors will receive a school tour carried out by Godolphin students and there will also be an opportunity to take part in a Q&A session with the Head and senior staff and Prefects. Individual visits can also be arranged with Head, Emma Hattersley.
Milford Hill, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2RA
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