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Downside School

Boarding 11-18yrs
Type: Prep, Senior
Pupil Numbers: 350 (220 boys, 130 girls)
Entrance Procedure:

Approximately three years prior to entry

Fees per term: Years 7 & 8: | Full Boarding: £8,412 | Day: £5,414 | Years 9-13: | Full Boarding: £11,287 | Day: £6,417 | Day Plus options also available

Head's Up

“Downside School’s vision – as a leading Catholic School – is to be a bright light in the world of education, illuminating the lives of young people and inspiring service in the world through experience of Benedictine culture. It enables pupils and staff to develop their own identity through experience of a community with Christ as its centre.”

Andrew Hobbs

The inside track from a current parent

We chose Downside as my family has had a long history of being educated there. However, what particularly stood out for us and why we decided to send our children was due to the sense of belonging and community that pervades the school.

Irrespective of the academic or sporting ability of any pupil, Downside always gives its pupils a high level of confidence and self-security that will last them for the rest of their life.

Staff show real interest and an understanding for the children in their care. Also important is that they have all had, or still have, children of their own at the school which gives it a wonderful family feel.

As parents we love...

  • The Headmaster and his senior management team. Andrew Hobbs has been at the school as Deputy Head since 2008, and since he took over as head in January 2018 the whole community has had a really positive feeling about itself. The Head of Pastoral Care, Claire Murphy, is also excellent, as is the Director of Studies Daniel Gibbons. They have all evidenced real care, understanding and consideration for the children under their care.
  • The setting – Downside Abbey is a magnificent landmark and the school was purpose built around it. It has obviously been improved and added to over the years and now provides a truly wonderful place to spend your schooldays. The Network, of both old boys/girls, known as OG’s, and of current parents and the friends of Downside, all of whom work together with the School to make both the child but also his/her family, be they parents or siblings, feel welcome and included.

As pupils we love...

  • The opportunities they have been given to express themselves as themselves, either academically, artistically, or through representing both the school, county or academy on the sports field.
  • The food – as good as any you will get anywhere!
  • The quality of accommodation – it seems spectacularly luxurious compared to the 1970s!


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