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Cranleigh Preparatory School

Day & Boarding 6-13yrs
Type: Prep
Pupil Numbers: 328
Entrance Procedure: Normal entry points are 7+ and 11+ For each we encourage a School visit during term time to get a good feel for the School, then children must be registered before they are able to take part in taster days and the assessment day. 11+ Entry is joined with our 13+ entry at Cranleigh School.
Fees per term: £8,680 per term (boarding forms 3 to 6) £7,190 per term (day forms 3 to 6) £5,540 per term (day forms 1 and 2)

Head's Up

Start Date: July 1, 2018
Previous Roles: Principal of Fulham Prep Schools and previously Head of Cothill House.
Something people don't know about you: I used to volunteer for the RNLI and even appeared in the TV programme!

Cranleigh is a school where children are encouraged to give their best in the classrooms and explore opportunities where they can make a contribution to the wider school community. Teamwork, empathy, resilience and a sense of service are traits we aim to foster.

Neil Brooks

As parents we love...

As pupils we love...

What makes us different

A blend of tradition and innovation ensures a perfect atmosphere for our boys and girls, who learn, play and compete together in every area of school life. Our daily timetable and boarding environment provide the time for pupils to pursue their studies, sport, creative arts and much more.

Our academic programme is designed to be stimulating and challenging with pupils responding to the encouragement and care of our staff, establishing a love of learning. A well-established House system introduces the fun of lively competition and develops bonds across the year groups.

We put the experience of each and every child at the heart of everything we do.


Please contact the Admissions team to arrange a visit
Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8QH

Useful Dates

Term Dates:

Michaelmas Term 2022 – Tuesday 6th September 2022 to Wednesday 14th December 2022, Lent Term 2023 – Monday 9th January 2023 to Friday 24th March 2023, Summer Term 2023 – Monday 17th April to Sunday 2nd July 2023

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