Brambletye School

At Brambletye we give our pupils the time and space to explore their abilities, ask questions, develop their interests and their friendships. The children leave Brambletye as confident, happy and well-adjusted young people who work hard, have a love of learning, enjoy drama, games and music and play a part in some of the many societies and hobbies. They are in possession of a solid foundation on which they can build as they progress through the rest of their education.

A Brambletye education is focused on the individual. We encourage every child to find the area or subject in which they can excel, building their confidence and self-esteem. Much further down the line, we will prepare your child for their chosen senior school. We aim to inspire an understanding of the wisdom of the past and the technology of tomorrow’s world and to strive to foster a strong and independent work ethic.

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