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All Hallows Prep School

Boarding 3-13yrs
Type: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Prep
Pupil Numbers: 260
Entrance Procedure: Applications for places are accepted on a first come first served basis and may be made at any time. On registering, parents are asked to submit a copy of the previous school's report and any other information which may be relevant to the child's application. Prospective pupils are then invited to attend the school for two taster days, usually consecutive and at a mutually convenient time, to allow them to experience the school at first hand as well as giving the teachers the opportunity to get to know the child. The pupil will have a buddy who will look after them during their visit and ensure that they find their way around and are well looked after. Offers of places are made after the taster days.
Fees per term: From £2,800 to £8,250

Head's Up

Start Date: Dr Richards commenced his Headship in January 2017, however her has been a key member of the All Hallows Leadership Team since 2009 in various positions or responsibility, including Director of Studies.
Previous Roles: Before commencing his teaching career, Dr Richards was a Basketball Coach! He then went to university to become a Geography Teacher commencing his All Hallows Teaching Career in 1993. After a couple of year’s teaching, Dr Richards returned to education by training full time in University as an Educational Psychologist. He was the first registered practitioner to be employed as a school psychologist by a simple mainstream setting in the UK.
Something people don't know about you: He supported the restauration of the water supply in Sarajevo, Bosnia, at the end of the civil war.

“Every child has an inherent value, which is exceptional and exclusive to them. Our aim is to provide a secure, happy and inclusive community, where they will develop the inner confidence and self-esteem necessary to flourish in our rapidly changing world.”
Dr Trevor Richards

SNTV interview with Dr Trevor Richards

The inside track from a current parent

All Hallows is a magical place that puts the wellbeing and happiness of the children at the forefront of everything. This has not been more evident than the approach to getting children back post-lockdown. What could have been an intimidating experience became magical and exciting – my daughter’s teacher made a video explaining how things would work, she watched it at least 30 times. Her first day back became a fairytale experience, complete with bunting, slides, cakes and so on.

The head is a trained psychologist and applies science and proven methods to everything the school does. There are no fads of gimmicks here. So it is no surprise that the psychological wellbeing of the children was the focus of post-lockdown return.

There’s a real emphasis on giving pupils the opportunity to try things out. More than that, all a child has to do is express an interest in anything, no matter how arcane or random, and the school finds imaginative ways to ‘lean in’ and encourage them. My son was settling into the school and somebody found out he rather liked stop motion cartoons. Before he knew it he was fixed up with the right software, a tutorial from the head of design, and he was away making his own films.

The Catholic ethos is sensitively balanced with all faiths (and none) welcome. Kindness and love for one another are at the heart of the teaching. The faith component is there for those who want it, my 8-yr old is being prepped for first holy communion by the lovely and fun Mrs Moulton, and my 5-year old had the entire family flabbergasted on Christmas Day with a perfectly delivered grace before lunch.

As parents we love...

  • All Hallows is demonstrably instilling a lifelong love of learning in our children. Academic results are very strong, with scholarships galore to the right schools, all achieved without brutal hothousing, making learning super fun for all.
  • The ethos is perfectly balanced: kindness and empathy, whilst building resilience and responsibility. You can see this when you walk around the school – alert and engaged children, with wonderful manners and smiles.
  • The superb quality of the teaching and all the support staff. All totally dedicated to the children, from the dinner ladies and groundsmen to the heads of department and the head.

As pupils we love...

  • Mr Castle the sparkiest head of music in the land. Nothing is too ambitious or fun. The last concert had the school performing Star Wars, Superman and The Planets. This is Frome so there are a few notable parent musicians and the bar is very high!
  • Like many children mine can be fussy about food at home. Not so at school. Meals are devoured and they return home with a healthy glow and reports of sumptuous mealtime feasts.
  • Blasting around the sports pitch in the wind and the rain followed by the Friday afternoon cake sale.

What makes us different

All Hallows’ outstanding success is undoubtedly due to the school’s creative and holistic approach which is enabling the children to achieve above and beyond expectations. Dr Trevor Richards, an Educational Psychologist as well as Head teacher, is uniquely placed to understand how to help children be the best that they can be. The school is challenging the either/or mentality facing today’s world of education and nurturing a growth mindset is key to its approach, as well as helping the children to understand their emotions from recognising their ‘inner chimp’ to managing any exam stress. Shortlisted for the TES Creativity Award 2019, creativity is embedded within the curriculum and the children are learning to produce their own ideas by thinking critically and using an innovative approach.

The school does not judge it’s success by its outstanding scholarship record, where in recent years with around 65% of pupils have gained an award on a year-on-year basis, nor by the extensive list of schools that pupils gain entry to aged 13. Success is measured on a daily basis, at an individual level, where children are pushing personal boundaries and achieving milestones. Qualities the school aims to engender include compassion, resilience, creativity of thought, a willingness to take risks and an ability to be inclusive and make friends. The children’s happiness and well-being is at the heart of all decision-making and staff regularly get together for whole child meetings for a 360° view.

Set in idyllic Somerset countryside, All Hallows is located mid-way between Bath, Bruton and Frome. The more relaxed way of life that comes with living away from the bustle of London and the South East does not come at the expense of academic rigour, nor does it compromise entry to some of the UK’s more selective senior schools. Secure in the knowledge that it is OK to be yourself, to take risks and to make mistakes, not only do the All Hallows children have the freedom to be children, they have a freedom to learn. They are leaving All Hallows aged 13 well prepared, not just to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead but to thrive at senior school and beyond.


Visitors are welcome at any time by appointment or at one of the open mornings, usually held twice termly. Call admissions on 01749 881609 or email admissions@allhallowsschool.co.uk. Virtual open morning tours are available as well as video meetings.
Cranmore Hall, East Cranmore, Somerset, BA4 4SF

Useful Dates

Term Dates:

Autumn Term: 07/09/2020 – 11/12/2020
Spring Term: 05/01/2021 – 26/03/2021
Summer Term: 19/04/2021 – 10/07/2021
Autumn Term: 06/09/2021 – 10/12/2021
Spring Term: 05/01/2022 – 25/03/2022
Summer Term: 20/04/2022 – 09/07/2022

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