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School Notices’ favourite summer reads

Happiness is a juicy summer read! Looking for some book recommendations for the holidays? The SN Team has delivered with their favourite summer picks.

The Paper Palace – Miranda Cowley Heller

Gorgeous imagery and a beautiful but gritty storyline. Fifty year old June spends the summer at her family place as she always does but this year, she has to choose between her childhood love and the man she’s raised a family with. I couldn’t put it down! – Antonia

Sunny – Sukh Ojla

Bubbly singleton Sunny is leading a double life with her friends and family, but she can’t keep it up for too long… Very warm, funny and uplifting and a perfect summer read… its in the name! – Tash

Malibu Rising – Taylor Jenkin Reid

I felt all of the feelings reading this! It follows four famous siblings in the 1980s who appear to have it all but each have their own struggles and it all comes to a head at their annual summer party. Summery, beachy nostalgia with a lot of unexpected depth. – Monique

The Promise – Damon Galgut

This had such a compelling plot and it felt epic, which is impressive given its length! It’s about a dysfunctional privileged white family living on a farm in South Africa set immediately before and after Apartheid – James

The Keeper of Stories – Sally Page

An extraordinary cleaner has collected a lot of other people’s stories over the years but struggles to tell her own. It’s got a lovely cast of characters and is really heartwarming! – Milly

How to Kill Your Family – Bella Mackie

It starts with Grace stuck in prison for the one murder she didn’t actually commit… but there’s several family members she really did bump off!! It’s something a bit different with an intriguing concept and really had me laughing. – Beth

Dear Life – Rachel Clarke

This isn’t a new release but in case you haven’t already read it yet, you must! It’s about a doctor who works in a palliative care hospice where she finds more love, kindness and joy than in the outside world. – Tania

The Happiest Man on Earth – Eddie Jaku

This was published on Auschwitz survivor Eddie’s 100th birthday. It’s an amazing read that details his 7 years of horror in the camp but then his incredible journey to find joy as a survivor. – Gordon

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