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Relax before your holiday begins…

The most exhausting part of flying isn’t necessarily the flight – it is often getting through the airport, particularly if you have children in tow, are in a rush, simply desire a pleasant and predictable experience, or a combination of all three. Even the priority lanes and lounges can be hectic these days.

The great news is that there is a service to help you – Signature ELITE Class.  The service allows you to use the private terminals at Luton, Gatwick, and in the Caribbean, helping you to avoid the queues and stresses of the main terminal. Think of it as a private jet experience on a commercial flight – speedy check-in and passport control and your own chauffeured black car to whizz you to the door of your aircraft.

Shortly before your flight leaves, arrive at Signature’s front door to relax in Signature’s luxury  lounge (with a glass of champagne and some treats for the children) whilst the team checks in your luggage and your passports.

15 minutes before departure you nip from a fancy branded black car onto the steps of your aircraft and waft aboard full of sweetness and light and goodwill to all men.

On your return, a car will be waiting on the tarmac and the staff will meet you as you exit the aircraft, allowing you to sweep away from the group walking towards the main terminal and back to the quiet private terminal and lounge, where you will wait a mere moment for your bags to follow and your passports to be checked.

It’s a service which challenges the way we think about travel – simplifying your journey and freeing up time to spend on the things that really matter. And if you’re looking for a present idea, look no further than the ELITE Class gift card, giving two passengers a stress-free departure or arrival experience.

Avoid the stress of the main terminal this half term.  Signature ELITE Class are offering School Notices members, one child (under 12) to go free if you book before 30th January.  Click here to find out more.

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