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Read our exclusive interview with Strictly star Tom Fletcher

There’s no denying that everybody loves Tom Fletcher! Most of us know him as the founding member of the loveable 00s band, McFly and more recently, a shining star on Strictly. We were lucky enough to catch up with this brilliantly gifted guy just before he entered the dancing competition and found out what inspires him, where his creativity comes from and what the future holds for him as a bestselling author. 

By the age of 21, Tom had penned 10 UK number 1 singles and sold over 10 million records worldwide. He has since written songs for One Direction, Busted and 5SOS and has even recently had a stint on Strictly. Is there no end to his talents? We have a chat with Tom to find out how he got to where he is today and what motivates him to keep reaching for the stars. Here’s a quick snapshot into the interview – you’ll find the whole conversation with Tom waiting for you in our ’21 Winter Noticed magazine issue.

From writing songs to writing books – where does the creative gene come from? 

My parents are both creative but I don’t know if it’s a creative gene or just pure luck! 

What advice can you give to aspiring young authors and songwriters? 

My serious advice would be to persevere – I’m so lucky and I never take that for granted. Both my jobs as a musician in a band and being an author they are both one-in-a-million chances of being able to do so I know how lucky I am. It’s really easy to get disheartened and give up so if you have an idea and believe in yourself then don’t pack it up just keep on going – persevere. 

Who has inspired you and your work the most over the years? 

I’m inspired by so much, my family, my kids.  My kids come up with the most brilliant ideas. I just steal all my ideas from them – I’d say that my kids probably inspire me the most.  

What’s your favourite song you’ve composed? 

Probably All About You.  It was never intended to be a song for my band or even to be released as I wrote it as a valentine’s present for my girlfriend – who is now my wife!  It just went on to become our biggest song for the band. It was also a comic relief song and so has raised lot of money for this amazing charity. So this one track, that was never intended to be released has ended up being everyone’s song and its amazing hearing people sing it or using it as the first dance for their wedding. 

What are you most looking forward to about Strictly and are you a natural dancer? 

Photographer: BBC/Ray Burmiston

I don’t think I’m a natural dancer and I’m not the type of person who gets up on the dance floor! I’m not physically confident but I’m lucky being in a band as I get to have a good time with all the other guys in the band.  My guitar is like my safety blanket so taking that away is going to be really weird! But in a way that’s a good thing as I’m at a point in my life where I need something challenging and to learn something new. I’m really excited about the fact I’m dancing but in front of 12 million people each week that is slightly terrifying! But I’m really looking forward to just learning something new and hopefully not making a complete fool of myself. If I do I hope it’s entertaining for everyone!  

….Wait! There’s more! Check out the rest of our interview with Tom by heading over to our new ’21 Winter Noticed magazine. There you’ll find details of his new book releases, the life motto he swears by and how one of his greatest ambitions is to talk to aliens.







Feature image credit: David Spearing

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