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Read our exclusive interview with Samantha Cameron

Meet the First Lady of fashion. We talk with Samantha Cameron about how lockdown inspired the latest collection from her fashion brand, Cefinn, and how keen she is to maximise the use of technology when planning a sustainable future for her business. Here’s a look beyond Number 10…

An Arts graduate, Samantha transformed Smythson as its Creative Director and since leaving Downing Street has set up clothing brand Cefinn (the name, by the way, is an acronym of her four children’s initials). And in 2009 when a neighbour commented that her next house move was likely to be to Downing Street responded, “I f***ing hope not!”. It’s clear that Samantha’s role in life is not solely a supporting one.

The stars who love Cefinn

Cefinn has a following among the kind of women who like to look chic, not too rigidly tailored, and grown up. The pieces are not designed to be worn once on Instagram and then consigned to the back of a wardrobe. Gillian Anderson has been frequently spotted in a rose-pink trouser suit, as well as a velvet dress when promoting her role in The Crown. Newsreaders including Fiona Bruce and Sophie Raworth are fans, and Samantha loves that they feel confident enough to wear bright tailoring and prints while on TV.

She’d love to see Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore in her clothes – “They’re like Debbie Harry, Charlotte Rampling and Catherine Hepburn; elegant but not too girly”. It’s this sense of quiet confidence that Samantha herself exudes.

Sam says the most exciting thing is when a customer tells her that she wore a Cefinn piece to some moment or event in their lives that gave them huge confidence and felt fantastic. “To get an email like that makes it all worthwhile. My team work so hard to ensure that we are making it as easy as possible for women to feel at their best without having to spend too much time or effort”.

How lockdown inspired her Winter collection

Samantha feels that Covid has brought a “slightly more relaxed aesthetic” to Cefinn because of not knowing whether people would be going back to the office, events and parties. There are items described as ‘sports luxe’ with elasticated waists on trousers (a lot more glam than that might sound!). Advanced fabrics such as Techni Linen does everything that linen does but machine washes without losing its shape, and there’s a recycled polyester georgette with a crinkle that drapes really nicely. A new geometric lips design also looks destined to fly off the shelves.

Samantha says it’s the innovation that keeps her going: “What’s really exciting about running a business is the way that technology constantly changes everything and gives you new ways of working.” She also admits that one of the reasons she carried on working after having children is because she really likes going to the office. “I’ve tried to analyse it and lockdown made me realise that I’m naturally quite a compartmentalised person. When I’m at work I’m good at not thinking about the children, and I find working with people of different ages and backgrounds invigorating”.

Wait! There’s more… Head over to our Winter ’21 Noticed Magazine to read the full interview. Samantha discusses how she balances being a mum with her successful business, Cefinn’s quest for sustainability, the advice she would give her younger self, as well as the motto she lives by every day.

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