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Protecting your home from the Beast from the East!

Baby it’s cold outside! Here’s some helpful tips to keep your home safe during the cold spell!

• Leave your heating on while you are away from home. Your pipes are more at risk if your house is unoccupied and unheated and frozen pipes are often the result of the central heating being switched off completely when a house is empty.

• Make sure you know where to locate the main stopcock, if the event that you need to turn off your water supply in case of an emergency. The internal stop tap is often found under the kitchen sink, in the utility room, basement, ground floor bathroom or garage – most likely wherever the water pipe enters your home.


• Check the insulation on your water tank and any pipes located in unheated areasof the home such as the loft, roof spaces, unheated basements, outbuildings or garages. Pipes under kitchen sinks and near windows are also prone to freezing.

For more information on how to protect your home from severe weather, click here.

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