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Preserve your family memories with a StoryTerrace biography

After over a year of being kept apart from family and loved ones, being able to reconnect after the pandemic is a great gift. What will you do to mark the moment?

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to shine a bright light on the things that are truly important, like spending time with your family. But it can be so easy to slip back into pre-pandemic habits. You’re busy, after all, juggling work, raising kids, and trying to get your own life back on track after the strangest year on record. Of course, you want to spend more time with the family you’ve missed, but surely some reunions can wait until school’s out for summer?

StoryTerrace Founder and CEO Rutger Bruining would caution you against putting off those visits with older relatives. He always meant to sit with his grandfather and write down stories of his work as part of the Dutch resistance during World War II, but his grandfather died before he was able to do so. Many of his unique stories were lost with him.

Bruining founded StoryTerrace to make sure no one else would ever lose the chance to capture their loved ones’ memories in a beautiful book. StoryTerrace is a company dedicated to helping ordinary people write extraordinary biographies. Here’s how it works:

1. Work With a Professional Writer

StoryTerrace pairs each storyteller with a professional ghostwriter, who will interview your loved one to gather all the material for the book. Experienced writers know exactly what questions to ask to draw out all those wonderful stories of the past. Writers can work in person or remotely, and they record the conversation to ensure no titdbit is lost.

2. Design the Layout

While the ghostwriter works to turn all of those stories and anecdotes into a complete biography, you’ll get to choose photographs to add to the pages of the book. StoryTerrace’s proprietary BookMaker platform makes it easy to work their team of editors and designers to bring your book to life. 

3. Approve the Manuscript

You have complete creative control over your StoryTerrace book. Once the writer completes a draft, you will be able to make any changes to the writing that you like. You also have final approval over the full book, from the front cover to photo captions — and everything in between.

4. Enjoy Your Heirloom-Quality Book

Once your book is exactly the way you wish, StoryTerrace sends it to print. When it’s ready, you will receive a set of full-colour, hardbound books worthy of passing down to future generations. There’s no better way to preserve memories of your parents and grandparents to share with your children.

There’s never been a better time to reconnect with your loved ones than right now. StoryTerrace can enhance your post-lockdown reunions and provide a wonderful way to share family stories and memories across generations. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that our time together is precious — let’s make the most of it.


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