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Postcard from… the Greek Islands

The Parke family from Cheam School set sail for sunshine.

Where did you go on your adventure?
Sailing through the Ionian Islands of Greece for two weeks with friends. We visited Ithaca, Kephalonia, Meganissi and Lefkada.

Why did you choose the Greek Islands?
We had already visited Corfu and used to sail before having children, so we knew it was an easy place to navigate with lots of lovely bays and harbour towns to stop off in. Plus, we like the food and July is not too hot!

What were the trip highlights?
We had fantastic weather and some windy days so we could properly sail, The best part for the children was meeting up with other friends on their boats and all eating together in the evenings. They also loved being pulled behind the small tender on their paddle boards, the family games of ‘It’s a Knockout’ and paddle board racing. As you can imagine it because rather competitive! There were beautiful places to stop at night – Fiscardo and Sivota being our favourites.

Were there any low points?
Mooring! It’s quite stressful to get the anchor down and the boat safely tied up without hitting anything else.

What was the one essential piece of kit you wouldn’t travel without?
Plenty of mosquito repellent and bite cream.

Your advice to others thinking of doing the same?
If you’re not a confident sailor, you can join a flotilla or hire a boat with a skipper. It takes away some of the stress of deciding where to go and where to stay. It’s such an excellent holiday for all the family.

Where are you off to on your next big adventure?
I am hoping Mexico!


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