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Postcard from… Canada

The Roberts family from Lord Wandsworth College meet the grizzlies!

Where did you go on your family adventure?
Three weeks in Canada focusing on British Colombia – choosing an itinerary was the hardest part but we had an action-packed trip visiting cities, mountains, glaciers, horse and grizzly bear ranches.

Why did you choose Canada?
I had visited Vancouver before as part of the GB Rifle Team. Vancouver is a cool, vibrant but relaxed waterside city – the sort of place you could imagine living.

What were the trip highlights?
Lots! Grouse Mountain, cycling round Stanley park, taking a seaplane trip to Vancouver Island to watch the orcas and riding at a horse ranch. But the absolute highlight, was staying in a log cabin at the Grizzly Bear Ranch, a little oasis buried in the Kootenay Mountains where we were lucky enough to spot black bears and also came face-to-face with a huge grizzly! We white water rafted, swam in the breath-takingly cold water, hiked in the Alpines where the snow still lingered in odd spots even in August and spent a day speed-boating around a huge lake. Oh and singing around the camp fire on our last night was a memory we all still enjoy.

Were there any low points?
The only low point of the whole trip was leaving!

What was the one essential piece of kit that you wouldn’t travel without?
Take your best camera, your comfiest walking boots and a big playlist for the car.

Your advice to others thinking of doing the same?
There is so much to do, so make the most of the outdoors in this stunning and friendly country.

Where are you off to on your next big adventure?
Botswana, but we would go back to Canada in a heartbeat.


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