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University Student available for babysitting/ childcare/ tutoring in Edinburgh

Hi there!

Possibly a long shot - but I am in my third year studying Social Anthropology at The University of Edinburgh, and would be available and keen for any babysitting, nannying or tutoring jobs up in Edinburgh throughout the university terms.

I have had a lot of experience with, and love children - and have done years of babysitting and nannying in London - cooking dinner, helping with homework, taking on day trips, picking up from school etc. I'm enthusiastic and love art, cooking and animals (very happy to help out with any pets/ dog walking etc too!).

Please do get in touch if you think I could be of any help, or have any questions. Similarly, if you may know of anyone who might need babysitting help up in Edinburgh I would be so grateful if you passed on my details, or put me in touch. Happy to give references if required!

My number is 07400502594 - feel free to text/ call/ email.

Many thanks,

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