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Gap year student available to help with children and animals!

Enthusiastic and hard working 18 year old gap year student available to help with all things children and animals!

I am available for babysitting, nannying, sport coaching, dog walking, house sitting, horse exercising/ mucking out etc, and general help week days and weekends, around Basingstoke, Hampshire.

I have grown up with animals (dogs, horses, chickens, cats) and am a capable rider so would be very happy to help exercise, groom or do any mucking out. I would also be very happy to be a groom at any competitions etc. I also have experience of working with children, through the pony club and local babysitting, and greatly enjoy it.

I have a UK driving license (October 2016), and am happy to help with school pick- ups as well as any homework.

Please feel free to contact me on my email or mobile number, Thank you.

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