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Are you looking for some extra cricket for you or your children over the summer holidays now that school and junior league cricket has finished?

Have you just finished your university term and are looking to play some cricket in beautiful surroundings?

The Hampshire Hogs are one of the oldest cricket clubs in the country having been founded in 1887. They are, essentially, a wandering cricket club that happens to have their own ground – Warnford in the Meon Valley. They mainly declaration cricket against a variety of opposition including the Free Foresters, I-Zingari and various school old boy sides.

The junior section of the club, the Hampshire Hoggets, was formed in 1924 and is still a thriving part of the club, which enables schoolboys, who have attained a certain standard, to play matches in the holidays. The Hoggets are essential to the Hogs in providing the core of its member and representing the future for the club.

We have an exciting summer of cricket ahead, and whether you are U11 or adult there is something for you.

The U17s have just got into the semi-final of the Kerry Cup, a competition organised by Hampshire Cricket and we have entered an U19 NatWest T20 tournament and are looking for keen cricketers to join our squad.

Please look at our website for fixtures - or

If you are interested please contact Emma Talbot-Williams on

We look forward to hearing from you.

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