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Help wanted - 2 boys in Winchester

£10.00 per hour

My au pair has gone travelling for 6 weeks and so we're looking for a lovely, fun, helpful person to come and help a bit with our two son who are at Pilgrims'. They're 10 and 9 so very easy to look after - they just need a bit of coaxing to do their homework.

I need help 2 -3 afternoons a week - from around 4.45 to about 7, and a bit of babysitting as well.

I would need a driver as I'll need some school pick ups doing, but we can provide a car.

We live just outside Winchester, and have a lovely Labrador who needs a bit of attention as well!

Would love to hear from anyone looking to earn a bit of extra money over the next couple of months (£10 an hour).


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