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After School Child and Labrador Care from April - End July

£9.00 per hour

3 well behaved children, 2 boys aged 13 and 7 and a girl aged 10. Hours are 3pm to 7.30pm. Work involves collecting youngest son from school in Chiswick (20 minute walk each way) at 3.30pm, playing with and caring for the children, preparing and tidying children's supper, supervising and tidying bath time, general tidy up after the children and in kitchen before they leave. The older 2 children both come home by bus (oldest boards 3 nights per week) so apart from that an occasional post club pick up is required. We also have a lovely Labrador who also needs walking and comes on the walk to and from pick up. Mother works full time from a studio in the home so is around but busy. Cleaner will come in every morning to cover all house keeping duties

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£9.00 per hour

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