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Sourdough Bread Baking Courses Oxfordshire


Would you like to learn how to make delicious and healthy sourdough bread at home? Are you tired of tasteless, textureless breads or the cost of, so called, "artisan" breads? Are you feeling bloated and unwell after eating bread?

Let me teach you my fast, easy and flexible techniques which suit busy lifestyles and convert you to the ancient way of making bread - beautiful sourdough bread made with wild yeast. It is much more digestible so even many gluten-sensitive people find that they can enjoy bread again.

No sugar, no stabilisers, no additives, no commercial yeast.
The list of ingredients in shop-bought breads is frighteningly long. All I use to make my sourdough bread is: flour, wild yeast, water and salt. Ok, I might then add seeds if I'm in the mood, but essentially that's it!

I run courses in Shippon, near Abingdon. I will show you the techniques I use to sustain a natural wild yeast starter so that you can reuse it indefinitely. Some wild yeast starters used in German bakeries have been going for well over 100 years!

Please contact me for course details and availability.

Join the real bread, wild yeast revolution!!

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