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SHE.SPACE founders Sorcha Egan and Liana Wilson-Fricker will be running this fast-track, co-learning session designed to breakdown the practical elements of using social media and digital marketing.


Over the course of 4 hours we will cover:
Finding an audience using Google Trends and Keywords - who you want to talk to & where they hang out online.
What channels you should use and our top tips and tricks to promote engagement. Our focus will be on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin and ways you can use them to connect online and share your brand story.
How to look good online - you don't have to be a Photoshop wizz or pro photographer to look fabulous online. We'll share our favourite (free) software packages, photosites and design hacks.
Ideation break-out groups - A lively and fun session over a nutritious and delicious lunch from Nourish Kitchen. You'll work collaboratively with other attendees in order to develop a list of 3 creative things you can do to attract a wider/new audience.
Power of partnerships - learn how unlock the commercial potential of your online network.
Influencer marketing - learn how to identify and connect with influential people online. It's not always about the numbers and we'll share our top tips for developing mutually beneficial relationships with online movers and shakers.
Facebook advertising - we'll discuss how you create a smart strategy for your business that leads to conversions instead of haphazardly boosting posts for reach. We'll support you as you create 1 targeted ad, in real time, during the session.
Analytics & Measurement - learn how to tell if what you're doing is really working for your bottom line.
You'll come away with:
A clearer understanding of the role social media should play for YOUR specific business objectives.
Confidence to create and share your own content and understand how you can use each platform to network online.
3 new ideas that you can action immediately
Confidence to run your own Facebook ad campaign
Ability to analyse your social media

Featured in Vogue as one of the top 5 networking groups for women, is bringing influential women together to create deep connections which are socially enjoyable and professionally valuable.

Tickets include a delicious lunch from Nourish Kitchen
Further details of the course can all be found on the website.

£125 per person with places limited to 14 participants.


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