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Searching for Work Experience Post GCSEs? Check out the Alternative Work Experience Week!


The Alternative Work Experience is a week-long course based in London from 25 - 29 June 2018. It is aimed at 16-19 year olds as an alternative to the traditional work experience window. We are a Community Interest Company founded by 3 business psychologists (and mothers) looking to provide a bespoke learning journey to help students understand themselves and their key work skills better through work-relevant situations, thus preparing them for the future of work. Our profits will go to the Mayors Fund for London who support disadvantaged London children through education and into employment.

Here is the link to our website:

• DEVELOPING WORKPLACE SKILLS: Employers struggle to find recent graduates prepared with the right skills for success. In response to a poll asking whether students are prepared for today’s dynamic workplace, 7 out of 10 employers said that students were not well prepared. Employers say that “students may have the textbook knowledge but they don’t have the ability to take that knowledge to think critically, innovate, solve complex problems and work well in a team”. They want students to come to the workplace with skills that people used to develop on the job

• A TRULY USEFUL WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK: Parents and schools can find it difficult to find meaningful and relevant work experience opportunities for children following their GCSEs. Additionally, paperwork, bureaucracy and the inconvenience of having someone around for a week means that organisations are increasingly reluctant to offer work experience. The Alternative Work Experience aims to bridge this gap. We have pulled together industry experts and entrepreneurs working across areas ranging from innovation and branding to confectionary making, autonomous car technology and TV production to build a work experience week like no other: one which will help pupils gain a better understanding of a range of interesting and varied professions, but also a better understanding of their own skills and strengths in a business relevant context. Students will meet clients, work on live briefs, build a website and develop ideas, products or services and pitch them to a panel of venture capitalists and start up experts

• UNDERSTANDING THEIR PERSONAL BRAND: In a world where jobs are fast-changing and developing, young people are expected to change careers far more often than they have in the past – in a recent survey of over 2,000 graduates, 96% had already changed jobs by the age of 24. In the US, one third of workers is a freelancer and by 2020, it is projected at least 50% will incorporate some element of freelance work. Being more responsible for their career development will require students to focus on developing a strong understanding of their own skills and personal brand. Through business psychologists and coaches and through bringing the world of work to the students, we will provide feedback on the key skills and competencies which have been shown through evidence based research to be most critical for success at work. We will also give feedback on students’ personality preferences using well thought through, validated and helpful psychometric tests. Over the course of the week, we will help students pull these pieces of information together and start to build their own LinkedIn profile.

COST: £795 for the week if booked by 30 April. Please register your interest online by 30 March (no payment is required) so we can confirm that the cohort will go ahead.

Please contact with any questions!

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