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Meet ‘Youngtrepreneur’ Jack Scott

This week in our ‘Youngtrepreneur’ series we speak to alumnus of Harrow School, Jack Scott (pictured left). Jack co-founded Dash Water with Alex Wright when they saw how much food was being wasted and wanted to create a product using all the imperfect fruit.

Moment of inspiration
Growing up on a farm, I saw first hand there is an issue with food waste in the UK. We wanted to do our bit to shine a light on this problem, all fruit that we infuse would otherwise go to waste.

Describe your brand
We start with freshly sprung spring water, we add bubbles and then we infuse real wonky fruit. It contains no sugar, sweetener or calories and comes in a can. Its water but better.

The most important skill you’ve learnt
Making sure that we have the correct team around us that can do certain aspects of the job better than me.

New product development
Our recent round of development came from within the team. Each member pitched an idea and we ended up creating a new range eight months later.

Importance of sustainable production
Sustainability is core to our brand, but we know that we aren’t perfect. Dash recently became a B Corp, meaning that we are now ‘mission locked’ to improve on all aspects of sustainability throughout production.

How important is social media to your marketing?
Instagram is important for shaping our brand identity and interacting with Dash drinkers daily.

Any famous endorsements?
Victoria and David Beckham cannot go anywhere without a good stash of Dash!

High point and low point
Becoming a B Corp was a big high point. The low point was having spent time and money on a small manufacturing site, our very first production run went wrong so we had some reassessing to do.

Where do you want to be in five years’ time?
To have saved 2400kg of wonky produce and inspired millions of Dash drinkers by selling 150m cans by 2025.

Who or what company do you aspire to become like?
We love the brand and personality of Innocent and the craft story of Sipsmith.


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