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Meet ‘Youngtrepreneur’ Izzy Berner

This week in our ‘Youngtrepreneur’ series we speak to alumna of Stowe School, Izzy Berner. Izzy founded Rhimani after spending time in Kenya in her placement year and discovering the beautiful range of beaded jewellery that was being sold in the Maasi Market.

Moment of inspiration
When I realised I wanted to raise money for wildlife conservation.

Describe your brand
Rhimani offers bright and beaded jewellery that supports the protection of endangered species. We donate at least 10% of profits towards African wildlife conservation.

The most important skill you’ve learnt
Accounting for a small business (although it’s touch and go).

Any new products?
Yes, recently I’ve introduced clothing to my brand. This includes dungarees and beanies!

Importance of sustainable production
This is incredibly important to me. All of Rhimani’s jewellery is made with glass seed beads covered in a metallic outer layer. I use gold and sterling silver for the necklace clasps. Our packaging is also biodegradable.

Do most of your sales come from Instagram?
Yes, although this is something I’m trying to edge away from. It scares me how much Rhimani relies on Instagram.

Any famous endorsements?
Fearne Cotton.

High point and low point?
The high point was festival trading (pre-Covid). I bought a bright blue 1969 Volkswagen Campervan and went to six different festivals in a summer. The low point was when Covid first happened and I had no idea if my business would survive. Thankfully, it survived and it’s thriving!

Who or what company do you aspire to become like?
There are so many… Olivia Rubin, Lucy & Yak, Sophie Tea Art, to name a few.


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