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Meet ‘Youngtrepreneur’ Bell Hutley

Step aside the snowflake generation and hats off to the young entrepreneurs! Talented and ambitious, these guys mean business.  They know what they want and more importantly they know what their customers want and they’re not afraid to shout about it!

This week in our ‘Youngtrepreneur’ series we speak to alumna of Wellington College, Bell Hutley. Bell is a London-based artist and designer whose incredible collection of homeware is seen on the most fashionable tables across the country.

Moment of inspiration
I was sitting on an airplane daydreaming about how I could do art for the rest of my life without having to be a fine artist. I have always loved art, interiors and fashion so I thought why not combine them all. My work is constantly inspired by nature, the changing world, children’s literature.

Describe your brand
Creating homewares and anything beyond the canvas to tell stories through art, creating work inspired by nature, children’s literature and folklore.

The most important skill you’ve learnt
Curiosity, always be a sponge and also don’t be afraid to fail!

How do you manage stock control?
Luckily my best sellers and cash cows are all always fully stocked. Other passion products are a little more ad hoc – I like one-offs and single run designs as it makes things more special.

And product development?
I’ll have an idea for a product, then I will wade through the internet until I find a factory that can make my idea for a good price and high quality. (This takes a while, don’t settle if your not in love with the product )

Importance of sustainable production
I want all my suppliers to be UK based, (I am currently at 80%) and I always look into working with responsibly sourced materials.

Do most of your sales come via Instagram?
Probably yes, most people would have seen my products and bought later from my website.

Any famous endorsements?
Demi Moore was a good one!

Best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
Walk towards whatever scares you. Also to learn from your failures.

High point and low point?
The low point was getting my instagram hacked and nearly losing everything (I felt like I had lost my right hand). The high point getting my first collection into Liberty.

Where do you want to be in five years’ time?
Working and running a business that takes proper care of its staff, surrounded by inspiring people, working on new art and new products. And telling stories through my work

Who or what company do you aspire to become like?
I think Gucci is a pretty innovative company, I’d like to be as daring as them

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