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Meet the Mindful Chefs!

Mindful Chef was established when school-friends Myles, Giles and Rob returned home to Devon one Christmas and realised they couldn’t find the same quality of food that they had been brought up on, elsewhere in the UK.

They decided to try building a healthy recipe box with the very highest-quality, locally-sourced and fresh ingredients so that anyone could have access to great-tasting, healthy and sustainable food, without having to plan or shop for meals.

They really stick to the ‘mindful’ philosophy, ensuring everything they do is healthy and responsible, which has earned them certification as one of only 175  B-Corps in the UK. They work with local, expert and caring suppliers and are constantly aware of their actions on the environment, as well as donating a meal to a child living in poverty for every meal purchased.

Oh – and their recipes are incredibly tasty too – SN knows from experience!

The Mindful approach

They don’t believe in meticulous calorie counting or following strict or faddy diets. It’s about incredible tasting, ethically-sourced ingredients that benefit you and your body.

Instead of sending processed foods or cheap fillers with hidden ingredients that aren’t good for you, they choose to load our recipe boxes full of fresh produce that will help you look and feel your best.

Their Suppliers

Mindful Chef work with small family-run British farms bringing you the best produce in the country. Sourcing ethically and responsibly is incredibly important so they only work with suppliers who share the Mindful Chef values of quality, transparency and sustainability.

All red meat is 100% grass fed heritage breed and reared in the Yorkshire Dales.  All fish is sustainably-sourced and landed in the UK and vegetables come from wonderful farms in the Cotswolds.  From the fairtrade honey which has been ethically sourced from beekeeping cooperatives that support beekeepers, to Thai pastes that are made using traditional recipes and ingredients and give back to vulnerable communities in Thailand.  It seems each ingredient has its own amazing story.

One Feeds Two

In September 2017 Mindful Chef partnered with the inspirational charity One Feeds Two, so that for every meal sold, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.  They are the first recipe box in the UK pioneering this ‘one for one’ model and so far have donated over 1,000,623 meals to children in Malawi!  Not only does it give a child a free meal, it’s also helps them get back into education – imperative to furthering their development through life.


They are mindful that fresh food delivery naturally creates waste as a by-product. They work hard to improve packaging and make it more environmentally friendly.  Mindful Chef pots, craft bags and boxes are all 100% recyclable and they are working hard to reduce the amount of single use plastic in their boxes. Their aim is to be plastic-free by 2020.



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