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Make your outside space fabulous!

Whether you have a rambling country garden, a walled courtyard or a bijou balcony, some well chosen wall lights can bring a sense of cosiness or atmosphere or even a bit of drama to your outside space.

Here’s an outdoor lighting guide from the experts at Pooky.

Choosing and using outdoor wall lights

Wall lights are flexible and versatile and are great for layering light to create different moods and effects. They’re perfect for illuminating different areas of a garden, defining boundaries, and linking different zones within a larger garden. They also provide great accent lighting, making them ideal for highlighting features within the garden, and providing a gentle source of light when you want to relax or entertain in the evening.

You can even use them to bring some drama to your front door.

Create a foundation

For those high use areas, such as a patio, deck or stairway, you need a good source of ambient light. Outdoor wall lights can be fixed to a wall, fence post, trellis or stairwell to provide effective lighting, without any unsightly glare.

As a general rule, wall lights should be placed around 5-5.5 feet above floor level, with the top of the light sitting around eye level, while a series of wall lights should be spaced around 8-10 feet apart.

Add some atmosphere

You can create a more relaxing vibe by using different styles of wall light and varying the heights and angles. Downlights cast the light downwards and sideways, for a more subtle ambience. Pooky’s elegant Fowey curved down wall light is stylish and discreet, and you can vary the strength and tone of the light by changing the bulb – using a warm white offers a softer glow than a cool white.

Uplights cast a lovely soft glow upwards and are great for illuminating features, such as a natural stone wall or archway, a statement plant, or a stylish statue – creating a focal point, drawing the eye and adding depth and interest to your space with contrasting light, shapes and textures.

Make a magical walkway

You can visually extend your garden space and create extra interest, using path lights. Pooky’s Harlyn path light in storm is the ultimate in minimalism, with an ultra efficient but unobtrusive LED strip safely and effectively lighting the way.

Create a cosy corner

Wall lights are great for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere, whether it’s a secluded corner of a larger garden, a courtyard, or a balcony. Their Thurlestone round wall light half cover in aged bronze provides a warm, gentle glow, while the solid brass is perfect for outdoor environments and will mellow beautifully over time.

More easy ways for a bit of outdoor wow

While you’re in the mood for jazzing up your garden, here are some more tips for easy ways to add depth and interest to your outdoor space:

  • Add some extra wow factor with strong architectural plants such as bamboo or acer, which will make a dramatic statement when lit up at night as well as during the day.
  • Try framing a doorway or archway by placing one either side for a balanced look, or use strong patterns in odd numbers for added depth and drama strong.
  • Invest in a (good) water feature – a water feature is a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Choose from classic statue fountains for a country garden, to fountain vases for a smaller space.
  • Extend the space with mirrors – mirrors can be a great way of reflecting the light and extending the sense of space, as well as making a style statement.

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Remember, garden lighting should be installed by a qualified electrician, and you should make sure that any cabling is secure and protected from any outdoor hazards such as roving wildlife, mowers or the garden shears!

View their full range of outdoor wall lights here.


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