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Looking for Gap Year job inspiration?

Jo, founder of Freckles Childcare has developed the one of a kind Junior Nanny Course for gap year students, which is proving to be hugely popular! We find out what it’s all about below!

The Freckles Childcare Junior Nanny Course is designed to give Gap Year students the confidence to work as a Nanny in the UK and abroad. It is accredited with CPD, fully certified and suitable for the Gold DofE residential.

We have an 80% successful employment rate within 4 weeks of graduation and the course opens up a huge variety of opportunities, both during a Gap Year and/or during university holidays. Work opportunities include permanent and temporary employment, plus festival, wedding and event work and international opportunities as ski nannies and on super yachts.

Why might my child want to train as a Junior Nanny?
Nannying has remained incredibly strong throughout the pandemic and is considered a stable industry. But, perhaps more so, everything taught throughout the course is applicable to life in general. Cooking skills for their time at university, emotional health knowledge to support themselves and their friends and baby knowledge if, in time, they have their own children.

Where did the idea of the Junior Nanny Course come from?
Back in 2009 Jo (Founder of Freckles) embarked on her Gap Year hoping to follow the standard format of 6 months working and 6 months travel. However, after struggling to find regular work, she jumped at the chance to nanny for a family with 4 children aged between 4 and 13 for 2 weeks. 2 weeks then promptly turned into 6 months! All the while, Jo’s parents thought the other family were bonkers, as she had no training or experience working with children!

Fast forward 11 years and Jo launched the Junior Nanny Course specifically for Gap Year students. Taking school leavers (like she was) and training them up to be brilliant Junior Nannies.

What do they learn?
During the course student nannies complete 6 nannying-specific modules. Our objective is for graduates to feel confident in their skills and knowledge with caring for children and running a home and also to be as employable as possible, so that they can work during their Gap Year and beyond!

“The course has given me the confidence to walk into a full-time nannying role straight out of school. I feel confident looking after the family’s children, even though I previously had very little experience in the nannying world. I learnt so many skills throughout the course that will help me through life, not just for nannying.”



To find out more about the course, please visit their website.

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